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Planning & Development Services P.O. Box 9960 | 1101 Texas Ave.College Station, TX 77842979.764.3570

The following is a list of Planning & Development Services applications that can be completed in eTRAKiT, as well as other required documents that must be attached as part of the application process. Any document below with a link to the fillable form, including applications that have not yet been converted, must be completed and attached in eTRAKiT as part of your application process, in addition to all applicable maps, drawings, documents and reports.

When submitting your application in eTRAKiT, please do not submit the original application unless directed to do so. We are still working on converting some applications, so that they are completely in eTRAKiThowever, if an application has a link below to a fillable form, it must be completed and attached in eTRAKiT, as part of the submittal process. Please note that some applications may require additional documents when submitted in eTRAKiT. Links to some of the required documents are listed below, as well as application checklists which should be referenced prior to completing any necessary drawings or plans.

Document Links below must be completed and attached as part of your eTRAKiT submittal.


  º Bike Share Program Permit Ordinance
  º Bike Share Application is in eTRAKIT


Tent Permit
  º Tent Permit Checklist

Northgate Outdoor Dining Checklist


Alternative Parking Plan
    º Alternative Parking Plan Agreement (required with eTRAKiT submittal)
    º Alternative Parking Plan Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)
    º Alternative Parking Plan Shared Parking Study Form (required with eTRAKiT submittal)

FINAL PLAT(complete eTRAKiT application and attach the required document(s) below):
    º Final Plat Checklist
    º Development Certifications
    º Final Plat Owner Certification (REQUIRED if anyone other than the owner submits this application)

FINAL PLAT MIXED-USE (complete eTRAKiT application and attach the required document(s) below):
    º Final Plat Checklist
    º Development Certifications
    º Final Plat Owner Certification (REQUIRED if anyone other than the owner submits this application)

Itinerant Vendor Permit
     º Itinerant Vendor Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)
     º Itinerant Vendor Notary Page (required with eTRAKit submittal)

Mobile Food Vendor
     º Applicant Sworn Affidavit (required with eTRAKiT submittal)
     º Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance

Preliminary Plan
    º Preliminary Plan Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)
    º Preliminary Plan Owner Certification (REQUIRED if anyone other than the owner submits this application)

REZONING (complete eTRAKiT application and attach the required document(s) below per Subtype):
    º Rezoning Owner Certification(REQUIRED if anyone other than the owner submits this application)
    º Historic Preservation Overlay
    º Redevelopment District 
         Site Plan Checklist
         NRA Checklist
    º Single-Family Overlay
         - Petition Signatures
         Fact Sheet
    º Planned Districts (PDD or P-MUD)
         Conceptual Site Plan Checklist

 (complete eTRAKiT application and attach the required document(s) below)
     º Development Certifications
     º Site Plan Checklist

Variance (complete eTRAKiT application and attach the required document(s) below)
     º Variance Owner Certification


     º  Special Event Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)
           Ordinance Requirements
     º Farmer's Market Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)


    º Abandonment of Public Right-of-Way / Easement
    º Development Permit
    º Easement Application
    º License to Encroach 
    º Driveway Permit: Non-Commercial  (required with eTRAKiT submittal)
    º Driveway Permit: Residential  (required with eTRAKiT submittal) 
    º Permit to Construct Access Driveway Facilities on TxDOT Highway Right-of-Way (Form 1058)
    º Private Improvement in a Public ROW Permit 
            º PIP Indemnification (required with eTRAKiT submittal) 
   º PIP Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal) 

    º Right-of-Way Construction Permit
          Wireless Supplement to ROW Application Form
    º TxDOT Utility Installation Request on TxDOT Highway Right-of-Way
    º Oversize Participation Information Sheet

    º Oil Well and Gas Exploration: Renewal



     º Banner: Minimum Requirements Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)

Grand Opening
    º Grand Opening: Minimum Requirements Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)

    º Sign: Minimum Requirements Checklist (required with eTRAKiT submittal)


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