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Water Pressure Information

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What You Need to Know about Water Pressure and...


Public Water Systems | The Plumbing Code


Public Water Systems: From the Source to the Water Meter

A good, reliable source of water is essential for proper hygiene and fire fighting.
Public water supplies in Texas, such as the Water Services Department of College
Station Utilities, are required by stat law to maintain a minimum water pressure throughout
the water distribution system during normal operating conditions. Water pressure in College
Station is maintained through head pressure in our two elevated storage tanks (one on Texas
Avenue at Park Place and one on William D. Fitch Parkway at Highway 6, pictured at right).
Water Tower

Under the Rules and Regulations for Public Water Supply Systems (Title 30 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 290, Subchapter D, or 30 TAC 290), College Station Utilities has the following responsibilities for maintaining water pressure:

  • Maintain minimum operating pressure of 35 pounds per squire inch (psi) throughout the water distribution system.

  • Maintain minimum operating pressure of 20 psi under fire flow conditions.

For questions about water pressure in the City's distribution system, call College Station Utilities at 979-764-3660 or 855-528-4278 (24-Hour Utility Dispatch).

Plumbing Code: From the Water Meter to the Customer

Faucet The City of College Station also has regulations concerning the maximum water
pressure in private plumbing systems, such as the water piping in private
residences and businesses.

The Plumbing Code for the City of College Station is the International Plumbing Code, which was updated in June 1, 2022.
The International Plumbing Coderequires:

  • Where the water pressure within a building exceeds 80 psi, an approved water pressure reducing valve or regulator must be installed.

  • The pressure reducing valve should be capable of limiting the water pressure in the building water distribution piping to 80 psi or less.

If your residence or business was built before January 2002, it may not have a pressure reducing valve installed. Contact a licensed Plumber to have a pressure-reducing valve installed. Additionally, if you have an irrigation system for your landscape, you may wish to consult with a Licensed Irrigator regarding pressure management options to make sure your system is operating at optimum water efficiency. Pressure reducing valves should be installed by a licensed Plumber and be located on the customer's side of the water meter.

For questions about water pressure inside buildings, call Planning & Development Services' Building Division at 764-3570.

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