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Gary Halter Nature Center

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Contact Information

Gary Halter Nature Center13600 Rock Prairie Road College Station, TX 77845979.764.6216

 13600 Rock Prairie Road
PHONE NUMBER: 979.764.6216
HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m-5 p.m.; Sun., 1-6 p.m.
CLOSED: Nov. 23-26, Dec. 23-31, Jan. 1 & 15, March 29-31
TRAILS: Close at dusk
PARK CURFEW: 1-5 a.m.

The Gary Halter Nature Center is a 2,400 square-foot facility that includes a meeting room, outdoor classroom, amphitheater, native plant displays and a monarch butterfly garden. It's the focal point of the city's 523-acre Lick Creek Park. Hours of operation include tours, open restrooms and office hours for reservations. No cash or check accepted on-site, credit card only.

The park displays a variety of native plant and animal species, including the endangered Navasota Ladies Tresses. It also offers five miles of marked trails and provides opportunities for hiking, cycling, bird watching, equestrian activities, and nature study. 

On July 14, 2022, council voted to rename the Lick Creek Nature Center after former Mayor Gary Halter, who led the city’s effort to obtain the property that became Lick Creek Park.


    As you look forward to the school year, you may still be longing for more fun in the sun. That’s a good reason to incorporate Gary Halter Nature Center field trips into your lesson plans as a way to enhance your student’s learning experience.

    The free, instructor-led field trips offer kindergarteners through sixth graders an engaging outdoor learning adventure that builds on classroom topics. Environmental education themes include wildlife biology, water cycle, plants, ecosystem, and organism identification.

    The maximum number of students we can accommodate varies based on the field trip. In general, we can take groups of up to 60 people. Depending on the program, field trips last 2-3 hours with an option for students to bring lunch and eat on-site. Each journey starts with a safety overview before dividing into three groups of about 20 students.

    Kindergarten-6th Grade

    Fall: September-November
    Spring: February-May

    Monday-Tuesday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 
    Wednesday-Friday: Noon-5 p.m. 

    >> Link (PDF)

    Trips must be booked in advance, and dates and times are subject to availability. To schedule a field trip, contact us at 979.764.3725 or complete the online request form.

    We look forward to hitting the trails with you!
    Trails close at dusk.

    No campfires, dunking booths, hot air balloons, pony rides, sidewalk chalk, crawfish, bounce houses or livestock without prior approval.

    Confetti and glitter are prohibited.

    No tents or RV Camping without approval by Parks Staff.

    All wildlife in city parks is protected.

    It is unlawful to: 
    • cut, dig, or destroy vegetation. 
    • to wade or swim in park ponds. 
    • litter in city parks. 
    • fail to clean up after your pet on public property.

    All vehicles must park in designated areas on pavement only. Horse trailers must be parked in the equestrian parking lot.

    Stay on marked trails and do not cross fences.

    Horses and bicycles are restricted to Post Oak Trail, Deer Run Trail, and Iron Bridge Trail.

    Horses must give the right of way to bicycles and pedestrians.

    Per city ordinance, all dogs must be on a leash when not on your property. Racoon Run Trail is the only off-leash trail in Lick Creek Park and dogs must be under voice control.

    Dogs while in heat shall not be permitted to use designated dog parks or trails.

    Dogs younger than four months of age are not allowed in off-leash parks or trails

    Any dog over four months of age must be rabies vaccinated and registered with Brazos County. Registration tags can be purchased through your vet or the Aggieland Humane Society. 

    Your dog must wear their current county and rabies vaccination tags. Registration shall cover a period of one year from date of issuance, in conjunction with the date of rabies vaccination.

    Acts of aggression against other dogs are prohibited. Dogs must be removed if uncontrollable.

    Handlers must stop dogs from digging holes in a park and cover up any holes created by their dogs.

    Any person wishing to sell any items (food, drinks, shirts, caps, etc.) in a park must apply for a Park Vendor’s Permit at the Parks and Recreation Office 979.764.3486 and possibly a Health Permit from the Brazos County Health Department 979.361.4450.

    All gyms, boot camps, and fitness groups must purchase a Park Vendor Permit through the Stephen C. Beachy Central Park office (1000 Krenek Tap Rd.) or 979.764.3486 to host workout sessions at city parks.

    Non-city-related advertising in city parks is prohibited unless designated by a contract.

    Off-road vehicles are not allowed in city parks.

    Golfing or (practice) driving of golf balls in the parks is prohibited.

    Glass bottles and containers are prohibited.

    Alcohol may be consumed in city parks by adults 21 years of age or older. If you have a function where alcohol is served, neither the alcohol nor anything else can be sold without a TABC license.
    Fees are per hour with a $210 deposit, 2-hour minimum


    Non-Resident - $126
    Resident - $105


    Non-Resident - $45
    Resident - $37

    Non-Resident - $45
    Resident - $37

    Click here to view album.

    Rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be held without proper documentation and fees. Reservations can be made by calling 979.764.6216 or by visiting the Gary Halter Nature Center, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.


    A security deposit is required for rentals. Portions or all of the deposit will be forfeited if damage, extra maintenance, or extraordinary cleanup occurs as a result of rental. Deposits will be refunded on the following conditions: (1) terms of your rental have been met, (2) facilities are left in good condition, or (3) cancellation procedures have been followed.

    Cancellation refunds more than 10 days: If the rental is cancelled, in writing, at least ten (10) days in advance of the originally scheduled date, a full refund of fees and deposits, including security deposit, will be returned to customer.
    Cancellation refunds less than 10 days: If the rental is cancelled, in writing, less than ten (10) days but more than 48 hours in advance of the originally scheduled date, deposits, including security deposits, will be forfeited by the customer in favor of the City.
    Cancellation refunds less than 48 hours: If the rental is cancelled, in writing, less than 48 hours in advance of the originally scheduled date, all fees and deposits, including security deposits, will be forfeited by the customer in favor of the City.
    Cancellation due to inclement weather: At the sole discretion of the City, if the event cannot be held or rescheduled due to inclement weather, fees and deposits, including security deposit shall be refunded to customer.
    Deposit refund post event: If the facility is left to standard and required keys (if applicable) are returned within 24 hours, the customer's deposit will be refunded. 

    All refunds are processed within 30 days of request by check. No cash refunds will be issued.

    Click here to request a rental. Submittal of this request form does not guarantee availability for the facility and date(s) requested.


View the Lick Creek Park trail map: Link (PDF)

Hike and bike trail connecting Lick Creek Park to Creek View Park: Link

Application required for natural resources or social science studies in the park: Link (PDF)

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