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Citizen Committees, Boards and Commissions

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One way to become actively involved with the City of College Station is to serve on a citizen board, committee or commission. For questions, contact the City Secretary's Office at or 979.764.3541.

Application Deadline: Nov. 29

Click on the Apply for a Committee button to apply online or email the City Secretary's Office at for a printable PDF application.

    Architectural Advisory Committee (One Opening, 2-Year Term)
    Per Resolution, pending Council approval on Nov. 9, 2017.

    The Architectural Advisory Committee shall provide review and recommendations to Council on architectural projects’ scope and schematic design. The Committee shall make project recommendations based on architectural theme, community compatibility, aesthetics and exterior materials, as well as site utilization.

    Meetings will be held as needed in Council Chambers.

    The Architectural Advisory Committee shall consist of two members having one or more of the following qualifications. Members will be appointed by city council through an application process:

    a) Licensed Architect
    b) Licensed Landscape Architect
    c) Professional Engineer
    d) Urban Planner
    e) Commercial contractor / Construction Project Manager
    f) Commercial interior design professional
    g) Commercial real estate developer

    The members of the committee shall be appointed for one or two-year terms. Members shall be residents and qualified voters of the City of College Station.

    Karl Mooney • January 2020-2022
    Bob Brick • January 2021-2023
    Linda Harvell • January 2021-2023
    Ray Holliday • January 2020-2022
    Joe Fix • January 2021-2023

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    Audit Committee (One Opening, 2-Year Term)
    The Audit Committee was established by Ordinance 2019-4018. The Office of City Internal Auditor was established in accordance with the City Charter, Article 3, Section 30.

    The City Internal Auditor is responsible for conducting audits of all departments, offices, boards, activities, and agencies of the city to independently determine whether:

    • Indications of fraud, abuse, or illegal acts are present
    • Management has established adequate internal controls to safeguard city assets
    • City resources and public funds are utilized economically, efficiently, and effectively
    • Financial and other reports are being provided that disclose fairly, accurately, and fully all information that is required by law
    • The desired result or benefits of programs, activities, functions, or policies are being achieved

    An audit plan is prepared each year to serve as a guide to allocate scarce audit resources to areas that will most benefit the City of College Station. In developing the annual audit plan, the City Internal Auditor identifies potential audit topics based on several factors:

    • Assessing financial and performance risks
    • Reviewing the financial auditors’ results
    • Considering requests and suggestions from the
    • City Council and city management
    • Determining the feasibility of audit topics and the availability of resources

    Meetings are on call.

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    The City Internal Auditor is a council appointee and reports to an audit committee composed of three council members and two citizen appointees. The Office of City Internal Auditor is organizationally independent of city administration because the reporting structure provides the office a separate organizational status from the management of programs and functions subject to audit.

    Karl Mooney • (Chair)
    Elizabeth Cunha • January 2021-2023
    Linda Harvell • December 2019-2021
    Mike Ashfield • January 2020-2022
    Michelle McMillin  • January 2021-2023

    The Office of City Internal Auditor is headed by Ty Elliott. He is a Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Government Audit Professional. Mr. Elliott received his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Public Administration degrees from Brigham Young University.

    Ty Elliott  •  979.764.6269  •

    B/CS Library Committee (Two Openings, 2-Year Terms)
    PER MINUTES : 19971023 ; and YEARLY ILA : 23 October 1997

    The B/CS Library Committee shall encourage the development of the Bryan/College Station Library System. The Committee shall recommend to the City Councils policies and programs for the advancement of the Bryan/College Station Library System; cooperating with all other public and privates groups in advancing the best interest of the Bryan/College Station Library System. The Committee shall render to City Council all its recommendations under consideration regarding the Bryan/College Station Library System.

    Meetings are held at 5 p.m. on the third Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

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    Each member shall be appointed for a term of two years or until their successors are appointed. The Board shall consist of eight members. Four who are appointed by City Council and are residents of the City and eligible voters.

    -- College Station --  
    Sharron Rosedahl  •  January 2021-2023
    Daniel Rudge  •  January 2010-2022
    Larry Ringer  •  January 2020-2022
    Megan Wilson  •  January 2021-2023

    -- Bryan --
    Tracie Ann Pierce • January 2019-2021
    Carly Jennings • December 2019-2021
    Laura Mills • January 2020-2022
    Grant Hackethorn • January 2020-2022

    Kelly Kelbly  • 979.764.3441 •

    Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenways Advisory Board (Four Openings)
    Four Openings:
  • Citizen at Large (3-year term)
  • Position C (2-year term)
  • Position D (2-year term)
  • Position E (3-year term)

    PER CITY ORDINANCE NO. 3265 : 12 August 2010

    The Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenways Advisory Board shall advise City Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and other appointed boards and commissions on all matters concerning bicycling, walking, and greenways within the City of College Station. The Board shall provide recommendations on adopted plans, policies, and standards as well as have a role in setting priorities, programs, and advocacy.

    Meetings are generally held at 3 p.m. the third Monday of each month at College Station City Hall. Special meetings will be held if necessary.

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    Members shall be residents of the City of College Station and qualified voters.The Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenways Advisory Board shall consist of seven members, serving a three-year term, appointed by City Council:

    (A) One member shall represent one of the following fields or professions:
       •  Real Estate
       •  Banking, finance, or economics
       •  Law

    (B) One member shall represent one of the following fields or professions:
       •  Recreation
       •  Health
       •  Kinesiology

    (C) One member that has specialized knowledge and experience regarding one of the following:
       •  Running
       •  Walking

    (D) One member shall have specialized knowledge and experience regarding:
       •  Bicycling

    (E) One member shall represent one of the following fields or professions:
       •  Transportation Planning
       •  Engineering
       •  Architecture
       •  Landscape architecture
       •  Urban planning

    (F) One member shall represent one of the following fields or professions:
       •  Environmental / Ecological Sciences
       •  Stormwater / Floodplain Management
       •  Natural Resources

    (G) One member shall be the Chairman of the Council Transportation Commission or his designee.

    Elizabeth Cunha (G) • January 2021-2024
    Dennis Janson (A) • January 2020-2023
    David Higdon (Citizen) • January 2020-2022
    Kathy Langlotz (B) • January 2020-2023
    Rebecca Brooker (D) • August 2019-2022
    Kyle LeBlanc (E) • January 2020-2022
    Nancy "Joy" Chmelar (C) • January 2021-2022


    Venessa Garza  •  979.764.3674  •
    Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals (Three Openings)
    Three Openings:
  • Two positions (3-year terms)
  • One alternate (2-year term)

    The authority of this board was established in Local Government Code 54.033 (V.T.C.S.) and City Ordinance 1919, adopted Oct. 10, 1991.

    The duties and responsibilities of this board are to hear appeals of decisions, consider interpretations of the Building Official, and to consider variances to the terms of the technical codes.

    On call by the Chairperson.

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    Five members, each serving two year terms.

    Joe Fix • January 2021-2024
    Tiona Broussard • January 2021-2024 
    Russel Farquhar •  January 2020-2022
    William Pugh •  January 2020-2022 
    Cynthia Giedraitis (Chair) • January 2020-2023
    Roger Winckler (Alt.) • January 2021-2023

    Brian Binford • 979.764.3570 •
    Design Review Board (Five Openings)
    Five Openings:
  • Position (A) Architecture (3-year term)
  • Position (B) Landscape Architect (3-year term)
  • Position (D) Developer (unexpired 1-year term)
  • Two Positions (F) Citizens at Large (2-year terms)


    PER CITY ORDINANCE NO. 3835: 10 NOVEMBER 2016; and UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE ----- The Design Review Board enhances the city’s ability to review sign, building, and site design issues, including architectural issues as specified in the UDO. Updated - City Ordinance No. 2019-4089 25 April 2019.

    The Design Review Board hears and takes action on design district site plans and concept plans for Planned Development Districts (PDD) and Planned Mix-Use Districts (P-MUD). Other duties as outlined in ordinance.

    On call by the Board Chairperson.

    The Board consists of seven regular members and two alternate members. Six of the regular members and the two alternates. Members serve three-year terms with no limits.

    The City Council shall appoint a representative with expertise from each of the following disciplines or groups: 

    (A) Architecture

    (B) Landscape Architecture

    (C) Business 

    (D) Design district connection (e.g., developer, land owner, business owner, resident,or employee within a design district).

    (E) Citizen-at-large

    The seventh regular member shall be the Planning and Zoning Commission chair or his/her designee.

    Members shall be appointed for three-year terms.

    The Design Review Board is a governmental body and shall comply with the Open Meetings Act.

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    Ray Holliday (A) • January 2020-2022
    Dennis Christainsen (P&Z Chair) • January 2020-2023
    Susan McGrail (F) • January 2019-2022 
    William McKinney (F) • January 2019-2022
    David Hebert (F) • January 2019-2022
    Vacant, (D) • Unexpired Term
    Samuel Marvel (C) • January 2020-2023

    Molly Hitchcock • 979.764.3570 •
    Historic Preservation Committee (Six Openings)
    Six Openings:
  • Three positions (2-year terms)
  • Three positions (3-year terms)

    PER CITY ORDINANCE NO. 2025 : 12 August 1993; and NO. 2505 9 August 2011

    The duties of the Historic Preservation Committee shall be to aid in the collection and preservation of the history of the City of College Station and its environs, and to provide for education of citizens on the history of this City. The committee shall also carry out other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the City Council. The committee shall semi-annually submit a report to the City Council.

    Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 4 p.m. in the second floor conference room of Municipal Court at 300 Krenek Tap Road in College Station.

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    The committee shall consist of nine members, and where practical may include representation from the Brazos County Historical Society, Texas A&M University and the College Station City Council. The term of office shall be for two years and the City Council shall appoint members on a staggered basis with five terms expiring in even-numbered years and four terms expiring in odd-numbered years. If a position becomes vacant before the expiration of the position's term, the new appointee shall serve for the balance of the term of his or her predecessor. The City Council shall appoint a Chairperson during the annual appointment process. If a vacancy shall occur in the Chairperson position, the City Council shall appoint a replacement to serve as Chairperson.

    Gerald Burgner (Chair)  •  January 2020-
    Shirley Dupriest  •  January 2020-
    Sherry Frisk  •  January 2019-2022 
    DavidFujimoto  •  January 2019-2022
    LouisHodges  •  January 2020-
    MarilynRandall  •  January 2019-2022
    JulieSchultz  •  January 2019-2022
    Thomas Smith   •   January 2020-
    William Wright  •  January 2020-


    Cory Raney  • 979.764.3486 •

    Impact Fee Advisory Committee
    The Impact Fee Advisory Committee’s purpose is to advise and assist City Council with the implementation and maintenance of the Impact Fees for the Water system, the Wastewater system, and Roadways.

    The Impact Fee Advisory Committee is established to:
    • Assist the City in adopting land use assumptions;
    • Review the Capital Improvements Plan and any proposed amendments, and file written comments;
    • Monitor and evaluate implementation of the Capital Improvements Plan;
    • Review semi-annual reports, with respect to the Capital Improvements Plan and report to the Mayor and Council any perceived inequities in implementing the plan or imposing the impact fees; and
    • Advise the Mayor and Council of the need to update or revise land use assumptions, Capital Improvements Plan and impact fees.

    Formal updates are typically on a 5-year cycle with the process involving at least two meetings at which City staff and an engineering consulting firm will present their findings and recommendations, additional meetings will be added as needed. The first meeting will include future Land Use Assumptions and the Capital Improvements Plan that details the capital projects required to increase utility and roadway capacity to meet the demands of those future land uses, whereby the IFAC will make a recommendation to Council whether these are reasonable. The second meeting will include Impact Fee calculations, whereby the IFAC will recommend to Council whether to implement Impact Fees, and if so, at what amount. In the years between formal updates, Semi-Annual reporting is presented by City Staff to monitor progress of the program and involves associated semi-annual meetings.

    Membership is comprised of the Planning and Zoning Commission members and up to three ad hoc members 1) ETJ representative; 2) Homebuilders Association representative; and or 3) any individual so desired.

    This appointment will be for two years.

    When Impact Fee Advisory Committee meetings are held, they are typically during regularly scheduled P&Z meetings, which are held on evenings of the first and third Thursdays of the month.

    Joint Relief Funding Review Committee (Two Openings)
    Two Openings:
  • One position (unexpired 2-year term) needs to be filled as soon as possible
  • One position (3-year term)



    The City of College Station and the City of Bryan annually receive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Federal regulations allow for up to 15 percent annual CDBG grant to be allocated to public services. Both City Councils supported the allocation of the maximum funds allowable. The City of College Station and the City of Bryan work in a joint process to allocate these funds to local non-profit agencies who will provide direct services to low income residents of the Bryan/College Station community.

    The Joint Relief Funding Review process begins with a pre-proposal workshop where any agency in the community that is interested in applying for CDBG funds must attend and learn about the process and federal requirements. Applications are received by City staff and reviewed for program eligibility. The committee review process takes approximately 18 weeks (January – May) with the committee meeting on a bi-weekly basis in public meetings to discuss the applications. Each committee member will also be asked to attend approximately six to eight agency site visits during the review period that occur every other week. The process ends with a public hearing where the agencies are ranked and the committee formally adopts the funding recommendations to be made to each City Council. The committee is asked to fund no more than twelve agencies each year but can choose to fund less or more depending on the applications.

    City staff is responsible for presenting the committee’s recommendations to City Council. The recommendations adopted by each City Council are included in each City’s Annual Action Plan, which is a report done to notify the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) how the City proposes to spend the grant allocations in the coming year. After approval from HUD, the funds are made available to the agencies beginning Oct. 1. Funding is on an annual basis and the allocated funds must be used no later than Sept. 30 of the fiscal year. Funded agencies are required to report to each city on a quarterly basis to ensure that they are providing the services and serving the number of clients that they proposed in their application. The city staff monitors the reports and the agency’s files to ensure the accuracy of information.
    On call by Chairperson.

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    The JRFRC is made up of three Council-appointed volunteers from each city. Each member serves for a three-year term with a two-term maximum. The six-member committee is tasked with reviewing applications from eligible programs, making site visits to the agencies, ranking the applications and finally, recommending funding allocations to each City Council.

    - - College Station - - 
    Suzanne Droleskey • January 2020-2023 
    Allison Burke • January 2019-2022
    Lisa Halperin • January 2021-2024

    - - Bryan - - 
    Karen Elaine Rust • expires December 2023
    Carolyn Wyonette Franklin • expires December 2022
    Daniel Jared Owens • expires December 2021

    David Brower • 979.764.3810 •

    Parks and Recreation Board (Six Openings)
    Six Openings:
  • Three positions (2-year terms)
  • Three positions (3-year terms)


    City Ordinance No. 1137 adopted Nov. 9, 1978.

    The Parks and Recreation Board exists to advise the City Council on all matters concerning the establishment, maintenance, and operations of all parks within the City of College Station. This board also gives advice regarding the establishment and operation of recreation programs conducted by the City of College Station for its citizens. The board carries out all other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by City Council. The board is authorized to establish its own rules, regulations, and bylaws subject to ratification by the City Council.

    Second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Larry J. Ringer Library, located at 1818 Harvey Mitchell Parkway S. Meeting dates and times are subject to change or be canceled due to quorum requirements with the appropriate notice. Visit to see meeting dates. 

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    The terms of office for the Board shall be for two years. The members of the Board are appointed by City Council on a staggered basis with three terms expiring in odd numbered years and four terms expiring in even numbered years.

    Lisa Aldrich • January 2020-2022
    David Higdon • January 2020-2022 
    Janet Wood • January 2020-2022 
    Joel Cantrell • January 2020-2023 
    Ann Hays • January 2020-2023
    Debe Shafer (Chair) • January 2020-2023
    David White • January 2021-2022
    John Polasek • January 2019-2022 
    Madeline Giroir • January 2019-2022

    Andrea Lauer • 979.764.5049 •

    Planning and Zoning Commission (Five Openings)
    Five Openings:
  • Three positions (2-year terms)
  • Two positions (3-year terms)


    The authority of this commission was established by Local Government Code 211.007 (V.T.C.S.), City Ordinances No. 682, No. 1233, No. 1638. No. 1805, and No. 2179.

    The Planning and Zoning Commission serves as a review body to recommend changes in development codes and the zoning ordinance to the City Council. The Commission shall prepare, adopt, and modify a comprehensive plan for the city for subsequent approval and adoption by the City Council.

    The Commission prepares subdivision regulations and zoning ordinances, and amendments thereto for recommendation to the City Council. This Board shall also make studies and recommendations with regard to proposed annexations. The Commission has final authority over all plats submitted to the City. In addition, the Commission performs other duties as assigned by statute and City Council.

    Meetings are held at 6 p.m. every first and third Thursday of each month. Meetings are held in Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 1101 Texas Avenue. Special meetings are held if necessary.

    >> View Agendas & Minutes
    >> Watch Past Meetings

    Members shall be qualified residents and voters of the City of College Station. The commission shall consist of seven members appointed by the City Council. Four members, including the Chairperson, shall be appointed in even numbered years and three members shall be appointed in odd numbered years. Terms of office shall be limited to two consecutive three-year terms or six consecutive years.

    William Wright • January 2021-2022
    Bobby Mirza • January 2020-2022
    Dennis Christiansen • January 2020-2023
    Jason Cornelius • January 2021-2023
    Joe Guerra, Jr. • January 2019-2022
    Bill Mather • January 2019-2022
    Jeremy Osborne • January 2019-2022

    Michael Ostrowski  • 979.764.3570 •

    Spring Creek Local Government Corporation Board (Two Openings, 2-Year Terms)
    The city purchased the Spring Creek Campus property (now known as the College Station Business Center) in 2000 and 2001 with two purposes. First, to develop the city's next business park to recruit primary jobs including light industrial and manufacturing uses. Second, to protect existing greenways along Spring Creek as part of the Greenways Master Plan. Additional acreage was purchased for the electrical substation and the preservation of greenways north of the substation.

    The Spring Creek Local Government Corporation oversees the development of this property. It has the power to acquire, own, and dispose of real estate subject to the approval of the College Station City Council. The corporation may also authorize improvements to real estate including basic infrastructure, streets, buildings and signage.

    The corporation is governed by a board of directors appointed by the city council. The board consists of five directors: the mayor, two representatives from the Economic Development Committee, and two citizens with expertise that is beneficial to the corporation such as real estate or business park development, industrial recruitment, financing, etc.

    Jane Kee 
    Thomas Jackson

    Zoning Board of Adjustment (Four Openings, 2-Year Terms)
    PER LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE 211.008 (V.T.C.S.) and CITY ORDINANCE NO. 1638 : 13 March 1986

    The Zoning Board of Adjustment hears and decides appeals for interpretations, special exceptions, and variances to the terms of the zoning ordinance as well as use permits. Other duties are outlined in the ordinances and statutes from which it is created.

    Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers.

    >> View Agendas & Minutes

    Each member shall be a resident and qualified voter of the City of College Station. Members shall serve for two-year terms.

    Fred Dupriest • January 2020-2022
    Howard Mayne • January 2020-2022
    Mark Smith (Chair) • January 2021-2023
    William Pugh • January 2020-2022
    Rachel Smith • January 2020-2022
    James Hutchins (Alt. 1) • January 2021-2023 
    John Crittenden (Alt. 2) • January 2020-2022

    Molly Hitchcock • 979.764.3570 •

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