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Law Enforcement Training

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The College Station Police Department's Recruiting & Training Division regularly hosts training that is open to outside agencies. For questions about an upcoming course, or to register, please contact our Training Coordinator, Sergeant Robert Greenawalt, at [email protected] or 979.764.5012.
    Command Presence: Find'em, Hire'em, Keep'em (1/24 - 1/25/22)

    Why Culture Counts

    Across the nation, police agencies are dealing with declining numbers of applicants and alarming turnover rates. Finding, hiring and retaining desirable personnel is becoming more and more difficult for agencies. Todayʼs employees are shopping for the best “deal” while also looking for agencies with the right culture and opportunities. This course will provide insight as to why todayʼs top talent are leaving agencies and provides suggestions as to how to keep them. Using guided discussion, case study, and small group engagement our facilitators will guide participants through the process of creating a 21st century style Recruiting, Hiring, and Retention program that is grounded in proven concepts from both the public and private sector. Those attending will discuss:

    • Why Traditional Recruiting Techniques Are Not Effective
    • The Most Sought After Personal Traits and Characteristics
    • Best Practices Recruiting Plans and Recruiting Analysis
    • Importance of Branding Your Agency
    • Where and What Recruiting "Locations" Work
    • Streamlining the Hiring Process to Meet the Applicant's Expectations
    • Why Today's Top Talent Leaves and How To Keep Them

    Course Flyer: Find'em, Hire'em, Keep'em (1/24 - 1/25/22)

    FBI-LEEDA: Internal Affairs Investigations (2/7 - 2/11/22)

    Conducting and Managing Internal Affairs Investigations

    FBI-LEEDA’s Managing and Conducting Internal Affairs Investigations certification course is a four and one-half day seminar focused on best practices related to effective internal control mechanisms calculated to promote enhanced agency accountability in our current environment.

    Consideration of the investigation, adjudication, discipline, and arbitration/litigation phases of disciplinary matters makes the course relevant to more than just internal affairs investigators. Supervisors, managers, and command staff in all government disciplines will benefit from the comprehensive overview of administrative subject matter that the course offers.

    Treatment of attendee’s primary authorities, such as statutory bill of rights and other authorities  is emphasized, making the instruction relevant and pertinent. The presentation addresses policies and procedures, effective complaint processes, investigation of personnel complaints, administrative law, and disciplinary due process to promote proper, safe decision-making and provide for defensible outcomes in all phases.

    This seminar is interactive and attendees participate in capstone scenarios designed as an application of learning. FBI-LEEDA’s Managing and Conducting Internal Affairs Investigations certification course has been recognized by the majority of state POSTs for mandatory retraining credit. ( Consult your POST for additional information.

    Course Flyer: FBI-LEEDA: Internal Affairs Investigations (2/7 - 2/11/22)

    Command Presence: Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters (3/31/22)

    Increased Officer Safety and Public Safety

    Police interactions with citizens are in the national spotlight. What previously wouldn't have made the local paper now makes national news. Officers need tools to effectively engage citizens in a professional manner without compromising their own safety in the process. That's why Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters was created. Through guided discussions, video analysis and case studies, participants will examine:

    • Current Research about the Threats to Officer Safety
    • Think CLEAR: 5 Keys to Officer Safety and Performance
    • Communication: It's About More Than Just Talking
    • Know Your Authority: Keeping Contacts Lawful
    • Emotional Intelligence: The Most Important Tool on Your Tool Belt
    • Adaptive Decision Making: Tools for Increased Officer Safety

    Course Flyer: Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters (3/31/22)

    FBI-LEEDA: Command Leadership Institute (4/4 - 4/8/22)

    The FBI-LEEDA Command Leadership Institute is a dynamic, intensive and challenging 4 1/2-day program specifically and uniquely designed to prepare law enforcement leaders for command-level positions.

    The Command Leadership Institute's focus is to provide real life contemporary, best-practice strategies and techniques for those aspiring to command-level assignments. Command Institute faculty members are passionate instructors who have executive-level law enforcement and leadership experience.

    Command Leadership Institute students will be engaged in such topics as credibility, command discipline and liability, dealing with problem employees, and leading change within an organization. The Command Leadership Institute is student-centered with a high degree of student involvement. 

    Course Flyer: FBI-LEEDA: Command Leadership Institute (4/4 - 4/8/22)

    FBI-LEEDA: Executive Leadership Institute (8/1 - 8/5/22)

    This innovative program is designed for executive level law enforcement leaders and focuses on the emerging challenges facing our profession. This highly-interactive program follows the FBI-LEEDA “Cops Talking to Cops” model of professional development. The seminar uses a wide range of source material and calls upon participants’ own professional experiences to facilitate individual development and learning.

    The following is a list of topics to be covered in the ELI program:

    • Trends in law enforcement
    • Implications of the 21st Century Policing Report
    • Public trust and legitimacy
    • Bias and diversity
    • Employee wellness
    • Power
    • Transformational leadership
    • Social and emotional intelligence

    Course Flyer: FBI-LEEDA: Executive Leadership Institute (8/1 - 8/5/22)

    Command Presence: Leading Without Rank (8/8/22)

    Leadership for Line Officers

    Leading Yourself, So You Can Lead Others

    The belief that officers must have rank to be considered leaders is a myth that has hindered our profession for too long. Traditional leadership programs have focused on those who have already been promoted, but what about those who haven't? Some of the most effective leaders don't have brass on their collars or stripes on their sleeves. Leading Without Rank was designed to inspire officers to seek out leadership opportunities within organizations and provide the skills and motivation to influence behaviors of those around them. We will focus on:

    • Authority and Influence
    • Building, Maintaining, and Fixing Relationships
    • Personal and Professional Development
    • Leading Yourself and "Ownership"
    • Unconditional Respect

    Course Flyer: Leading Without Rank (8/8/22)

    Command Presence: The Transformational Trainer (11/16/22)

    Transforming Good Instructors into Great Ones

    Regardless of subject matter expertise, the role of the trainer is to enhance the performance of their students. The Transformational Trainer is an instructor enhancement program designed to help you focus on the "how to train" not just the "what to train". This program is designed to challenge instructors to think differently about law enforcement training to improve the quality of learning transfer so that work performance improves. Through guided discussions, case studies, video analysis, self-assessments and small group exercises, participants will explore:

    • Characteristics of the Transformational Trainer
    • The Science of Learning: Making it "Stick"
    • Generational Differences and Communication Styles
    • Human Performance Factors that Affect Decision Making
    • A New Look at Student Feedback
    • Storytelling as a Trainer's Tool
    • Eliminating Death by PowerPoint
    • Continuous Self-Improvement

    Course Flyer: The Transformational Trainer (11/16/22)

All courses, unless otherwise noted, will take place at The College Station Police Department, located at 800 Krenek Tap Road in College Station, Texas.

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