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Recent Ordinance Amendments

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2024 Amendments

Platting Authority 

Adopted January 25, 2024
View Ordinance #2024-4496
-Delegates to City staff the ability to approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove a plat that meets all minimum subdivision requirements.  

2023 Amendments

Flood Ordinance Amendment

Adopted December 11, 2023
View Ordinance #2023-4488
-Modifies the current ordinance to include requirements for replacement of manufactured homes in existing manufactured home developments.

Shared Housing

Adopted October 26, 2023
View Ordinance #2023-4478
-Modifies the current ordinance to permit Shared Housing uses in the MH Middle Housing zoning district only when there is also a HOO High Occupancy Overlay. 

Middle Housing Zoning District Parking

Adopted September 14, 2023
View Ordinance #2023-4467
-Modifies the current ordinance to allow up to four vehicles to park in the front yard area of a lot that is zoned MH Middle Housing.  Also, clarifies access requirements for parking in the rear yard area. 

High Occupancy Overlay (HOO)

Adopted September 14, 2023
View Ordinance #2023-4468
-Creates a new overlay zoning district that allows Shared Housing uses. 

UDO Housekeeping

Adopted August 10, 2023
View Ordinance #2023-4454
-Provides amendments to the UDO for clarity and consistency. Edits include internal and external policy references, reorganization, capitalization, acronyms, numbers, tables, and images. No policy changes were made with this ordinance amendment."

Off-Street Parking Requirements 

Adopted August 10, 2023
View Ordinance #2023-4454
-Amends Sections 5.8.B Northgate by adding tandem parking as a design option for structured parking garages. Amends Section 7.2.J Bicycle Facilities by removing bicycle requirements and placing them in Section 7.3. And finally amends Section 7.3 by adding in bicycle parking, updating minimum and maximum ratios, removing minimum parking requirements from redevelopment areas, and adding additional reductions to parking requirements. 

Lot-by-Lot Grading 

Adopted June 12, 2023
View Ordinance #2023-4446
-Creates a requirement that single family construction must account for, and provide, lot grading information to mitigate drainage issues between properties upon redeveloped and initial development.

Conditional Use Permit for Nightclubs, Bars, Taverns
Adopted March 23, 2023
View Ordinance #2022-4424

-Amends Conditional Use processing, specifically giving the UDO Administrator the ability to approve minor changes to a Conditional Use permit, stating the duration of a Conditional Use permit, giving the City the ability to temporarily suspend a Conditional Use for public health and safety reasons, clarifying how a violation of the terms of a Conditional Use permit is unlawful, and establishing a process to revoke a Conditional Use permit.

2022 Amendments

Sunsetting Small Area Plans
Adopted November 10, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4405

-Amends the Dimensions, Access, and Location section of the Off-Street Parking Standards to be applicable to properties that are designated as Redevelopment Areas on the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use and Character Map.

Adopted October 27, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4401
-Amends Sidewalks section of the Subdivision Regulations to reduce the number of zones for fee in lieu of sidewalk construction to four, adds an appeals process, allows staff to require fee in lieu, and requires sidewalks along thoroughfares in rural context areas.

Single-Family Overlay Amendment (ROO & NCO)
Adopted October 27, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4400
-Amends the single-family overlay application process for the Restricted Occupancy Overlay (ROO) and Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) to allow multiple contiguous phases of original subdivisions to apply jointly, submit one application, and pay one application fee.

Middle Housing
Adopted October 27, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4399

-Creates a new Middle Housing zoning district, which allows for a flexible mix of housing types between single-family homes and multiplexes
and establishes development standards for each housing type. 

Shared Housing  
Adopted October 13, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4397
-Creates a new use known as Shared Housing, which allows for more than four unrelated persons to occupy a single dwelling unit, establishes  which zoning districts the use is allowed in, establishes development standards for the use, and eliminates the Northgate High Density Dwelling Unit use.

Cluster Subdivisions 
Adopted July 28, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4374
- Amends the Cluster Developments section of the Unified Development Ordinance to reduce the minimum lot width and depth of a residential lot and increase the amount of required open space. 

Parkland Dedication

Adopted June 9, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4367
-Eliminates the distinction between community and neighborhood parks for dedication purposes, reduces the number of parkland dedication zones to four, adds an appeals process, allows developers of private parks to receive up to a 25% credit, and updates the dedication and fee amounts.

Zoning Board of Adjustment Power, Duties, and Processes

Adopted June 9, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4361
-Updates the processes involved with written interpretations, variances, and administrative appeals to align with H.B. 1475 and H.B. 2497
adopted in the 86th and 87th Texas Legislatures, respectively, and amends the Unified Development Ordinance’s list of power and duties of the
Board to reflect all power and duties that have been assigned to the Board throughout the Code of Ordinances.

Shared Mobility

Adopted June 9, 2022
View Ordinance #2022-4362
-Renames the ordinance from Dockless Bike Share Program to Shared Micromobility, allows shared electric micromobility devices (bicycles and scooters), includes an abandonment fee if a operator leaves the community without taking their devices and further defines geofence zones. It also now includes requirements for cyber liability insurance, a 15-mph speed limit for devices, rebalancing, parking hubs and devices must be locked to a bicycle rack or operator designated parking area. 

2021 Amendments
Comprehensive Plan Notifications
Adopted November 22, 2021
View Ordinance #2021-4314
-Requires mailed notices for property-specific Comprehensive Plan Amendments to the Future Land Use & Character Map, as well as neighborhood metings for these proposed amendments. Limits the timeframe in which Comprehensive Plan Amendment applications may be submitted during major Comprehensive Plan updates and evaluations.   

Restricted Occupancy Overlay (ROO)
Adopted April 19, 2021
View Ordinance #2021-4259
-Creates a new overlay zoning option for single-family subdivisions to restrict occupancy to no more than two unrelated persons. An application for a ROO requires a majority (50% + one) of a subdivision's property owners to sign a petition supporting the application. A legacy (grandfather) clause allows existing occupancy levels up to four unrelated persons to continue under certain conditions. The city's existing restrictions of no more than four unrelated persons remain for all areas without the overlay.  

2020 Amendments

Related and Family Definition
Adopted December 10, 2020
View Ordinance #2020-4228
-Addresses public concern regarding the restrictive nature of the definitions of "family" and "related" and modernize the ordinance in accordance with legal precedent. The proposed amendment creates a more permissive definition of "family" that removes language referring to degrees of consanguinity (blood relation) and affinity (marriage relation), clarifies specific familial types, and codifies a new method of counting relationships to ensure a maximum of one family unit and three unrelated individuals will be allowed per dwelling unit.  

Replat Notification Requirements
Adopted October 8, 2020
View Ordinance #2020-4214
-Adds the option to Specific Notice Requirements for the City to notify neighboring property owners of the Planning & Zoning Commission's approval of certain replats in lieu of holding public hearings for the replats. This option was adopted by the 86th Texas Legislature in response to concerns that public hearings were required for replats that state statute requires the Planning & Zoning Commission to approve.

Neighborhood Prevailing Overlay Ordinances
Adopted June 11, 2020
View Ordinance #2020-4187
-This ordinance amendment establishes the Neighborhood Prevailing Overlay as a retired district. Establishing the NPO as a retired district does not change the requirements for the one existing NPO in the Glenhaven Estates subdivision, but ensures that no one may request an NPO in the future. If a subdivision wishes to establish a single-family overlay district they should petition for a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO).

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay

Adopted March 9, 2020
View Ordinance #2020-4161
-Removes references to the Neighborhood Prevailing Overlay and the Conservation Study. Adds Garage Requirement and Garage Size to the Options for Inclusion. Updates the Tree Preservation section to clarify that trees are to be barricaded and preserved during demolition and/or construction as measured by a radius, and adds the option to exclude specific tree species from preservation requirements. Provides the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) Petition Committee the option to include a maximum number of Off-Street Parking spaces, parking area and location per yard, and required driveway width between 12 and 25 feet. Allows for anyone to be a member of the Petition Committee for any subdivision. Adds meeting sign-in sheets, and minutes signed by a Petition Committee member to the list of requirements for a complete NCO application.

Mobile Food Vendor
Adopted March 9, 2020
View Ordinance #2020-4163
-Updates the Mobile Food Vendor ordinance to clarify the application process and requirements, inspection process and permit renewal. 

Impervious Cover
Adopted March 9, 2020
View Ordinance #2020-4162
-Provides a maximum percentage of the lot that may be covered with impervious surfaces. These percentages vary and are implemented and assessed based on the property's zoning district. The amendment only applies to single-family residential zoning districts. There is additional flexibility that allows for different percentages to be used if an accepted drainage analysis or study is performed

Single-Family Residential Dimensional Standards

Adopted January 23, 2020
View Ordinance #2020-4150
-Allows flexibility in the design and layout of detached single-family subdivisions through an additional side setback option, while maintaining the fifteen (15) feet of building separation intended for these types of developments. 

2019 Amendments

Lots Made Nonconforming by Annexation
Adopted August 8, 2019
View Ordinance #2019-4114
-Updates the Nonconformitites section to explicitly state that lots and platted or partially-platted building plots made nonconforming through annexation are allowed to replat, provided the replat brings the property closer to compliance with current zoning district standards. 

Multi-Family Park Land Dedication 

Adopted July 29, 2019
View Ordinance #2019-4111

-Updates the Parkland Dedication section by modifying the fee schedule so that land dedication requirements for multifamily developments are proportional to the fee-in-lieu dedication. 

Block Length
Adopted March 28, 2019
View Ordinance #2019-4086
-Block Perimeter requirements have been removed and exemptions from block length requirements were added for single-family development plats and minor plats. In addition, the Thoroughfare Plan Functional Classification and Context Class Map is now the measurement guide for Block Length and Cul de Sac Length.

Sidewalk Fee In Lieu
Adopted March 14, 2019
View Ordinance #2019-4078
-Allows Fee in Lieu of Construction for sidewalks to be determined by the Administrator rather than the Planning & Zoning Commission.

2018 Amendments

Low-Density Residential Height Protection
Adopted November 19, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-4060
-Simplifies the General Provision's Height subsection of the UDO by prescribing a 1:2 slope from the property line under which a multi-family or nonresidential structure being constructed adjacent to a single-family use must fall. The amendment also adds a definition of Building Height with graphics in the UDO's Defined Terms.

Accessory Living Quarters
Adopted November 19, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-4059
-Allows for rental of accessory living quarters, requires one additional off-street parking space for accessory living quarters, limits accessory living quarters use to no more than two (2) unrelated people.

Single-Family Parking
Adopted September 13, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-4040
-Removes maximum parking requirement for areas designated Neighborhood Conservation on the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Preliminary Plan/Building Code Clean-Up
Adopted August 23, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-4034
-Corrects minor text omissions, outdated references, and clerical errors throughout the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

Non-Residential Landscaping
Adopted June 14, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-4018
-Adds flexibility for landscaping and buffer requirements of non-residential and multi-family developments; provides options for water conserving irrigation; and creates ability to gain additional landscaping point credits for retaining existing and Texas native trees.

Removal of the Krenek Tap Overlay District
Adopted April 12, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-4001
-The Krenek Tap Overlay zoning district was adopted in 2003 to help implement an urban development concept along Krenek Tap Road. As the City is no longer pursuing that vision and the overlay is no longer applied to any property, the Krenek Tap Overlay regulations were removed from the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

Suburban Commercial Development Standards
Adopted April 12, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-3999

Standards as Related to Screening, Architectural Features, and Color Palette
Adopted February 22, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-3991

Bicycle Rack Amendments
Adopted February 22, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-3990
-Provides updates to the City's bicycle parking standards.

Criteria for Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendments
Adopted February 8, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-3984

Administrative Approval of Site Plans, Buildings & Signs in the Wolf Pen Creek Design District
Adopted February 8, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-3985

Changes to Nonconformities to permit increased flexibility for non-conforming uses and structures.
Adopted January 11, 2018
View Ordinance #2018-3970

2017 Amendments

Changes to Preliminary Plans
Adopted December 14, 2017
View Ordinance #2017-3967
-Provides administrative approval of Preliminary Plans unless the applicant is seeking a waiver or discretionary item.

Health Clubs in Commercial Industrial Zoning
Adopted September 11, 2017
View Ordinance #2017-3931

Utility Easement Requirements
Adopted September 11, 2017
View Ordinance #2017-3930
-Provides the City Engineer with flexibility regarding the location and width of utility easements.

Off-Street Parking Requirements
Adopted August 24, 2017
View Ordinance #2017-3923
-Provides additional flexibility to the City's off-street parking requirements to reduce the occurrence of underutilized parking areas.

Single-Family Landscape Requirements
Adopted July 27, 2017
View Ordinance #2017-3909
-Adds flexibility for landscaping requirements of single-family developments; eliminates screening requirements of concrete retaining walls, off-street loading areas, and utility connections; and eliminates visual treatment requirements for concrete weirs, drainage outlets, and spillways.

General Requirements & Minimum Standards of Design for Subdivisions
Adopted May 11, 2017
View Ordinance #2017-3886
-Clarifies the original intent of the ordinance and provides the Administrator with discretion in the calculation of the average lot width.

Itinerant Vendors & Tent Sales
Adopted January 26, 2017
View Ordinance #2017-3857
-Exempts mobile medical clinics from itinerant vendor requirements and expands the number of days allowed for outdoor tent sales.


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