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Fire Challenge

The College Station Fire Department is offering monthly challenges that are safe, kid-friendly, and fun for the entire family! On the first Monday of each month (some months may have exceptions), a new challenge will be revealed, and on the last Monday of the month (again, there may be exceptions), a winner will be randomly selected. Only one entry per household/address will be accepted for each challenge. 


Be sure to follow the College Station Fire Department on Facebook to stay updated as well! 

Once you complete the challenge and the Monthly Challenge Form, your household will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of three prizes:

  • Pizza for a family of four delivered by a Firefighter/Firetruck (only for College Station residents)
  • Four CSFD t-shirts
  • CSFD care package


    In honor of Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 4-10), we’ve dedicated this month’s challenge to its theme which is all about kitchen safety. The deadline to complete October’s Fire Challenge is Friday, Oct. 23.

    Winners will be announced Monday, Oct. 26.

    Serving Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen

    READY, SET, GO! Take pictures of your kitchen in its current state (and you can mess it up first, too). Feel free to have kids draw a picture instead (or you may do both).

    Walk through the following tips to ensure your kitchen is a fire-safe zone:

    • Nothing should be on or too close to your stovetop. Do you currently have a recipe book, oven mitt or towel there? Remove it! It’s great to be prepared, but if any of those items get too hot, they could start a fire.

    • Is your toaster plugged in? Make sure to unplug it after every use! With potential debris inside and electricity still flowing, it could catch fire.

    • If you have a candle burning, make sure it’s in a place where your child or pet can’t knock it over or play with it. Same with matches or lighters!

    • What type of clothes are you wearing? Flowy shirts or puffy sleeves could scrape against something hot and catch on fire.
    • If you plan on cooking a frozen pizza, be sure to remove the cardboard bottom first and never reheat leftover pizza in the box! 
    • Now it’s your turn to look around your kitchen and see what other preventative measures you can take.

    Now that your kitchen is fire safe, take pictures to prove it.

    Fill out the Monthly Challenge Form and upload your before and after pictures.

    Thank you for participating!

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