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Roadway Maintenance Fee

Citizens and businesses within the city limits, based on their reasonably equitable share in the total impact on our city's road system, are charged a monthly fee for roadway maintenance.

Effective in January 2017, this fee appears as a line item on customer utility bills. See the approved ordinance and frequently asked questions below for more details.

--> Ordinance 2016-3833

Travel characteristics of specific land uses were used to develop the fee schedule, and revenue generated from the fee is dedicated entirely to the maintenance and rehabilitation of College Station city streets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Roadway Maintenance Fee?
The monthly fee is assessed on residents and businesses based on traffic generated by each dwelling unit or business and is intended to help the city better maintain our road system. Approved by the city council in November, the fee goes into effect Jan. 1, 2017.

Why do we need a Roadway Maintenance Fee?
In a 2016 survey of College Station residents, street and road maintenance was identified as one of the community's top priorities and concerns. College Station has seen significant growth in recent years, and the fee helps address the need for maintenance and repairs to the city's roadways.

Who will pay the Roadway Maintenance Fee?
The fee will be paid by all residents and businesses in College Station.

How much is the Roadway Maintenance Fee, and how will it be assessed?
Roadway maintenance fees are determined by traffic levels generated by residents and businesses:

  • Single-Family Residential - $7.78 (flat fee per dwelling unit)
  • Multi-Family Residential - $6.10

Monthly fees for non-residential properties are determined by placing the properties into one of five tiers based on the impact of vehicle miles traveled:

  • Tier I - $17.23 (0 - 23.99 vehicle miles generated per day)
  • Tier II - $38.71 (24.00 - 43.99)
  • Tier III - $74.71 (43.99 - 90.99)
  • Tier IV - $152.39 (91.00 - 233.99)
  • Tier V - $250 (224.00 +)

How will I pay the fee?
The fee will be a line item on your monthly College Station Utilities bill.

What roads will be improved?
The additional funds will help fix potholes and properly maintain streets throughout College Station. Preventive maintenance also reduces the need for costly road reconstruction. The city will conduct a pavement management assessment to prioritize roadway maintenance projects to be funded with this fee.

Can I appeal my fee?
You may appeal your fee if:

  • The fee is assessed on exempt property (CSISD, Texas A&M, or Texas A&M System).
  • The fee is duplicated on multiple accounts.
  • The fee is assessed on property outside of the city limits.
  • The fee is in an incorrect land use tier.
  • The fee is assessed on a property not affiliated with the utility customer.

--> Roadway Maintenance Fee Appeals and Payment Process
--> Roadway Maintenance Fee Appeals Process Form

Who do I call if I have more questions?
For more information, please contact Utility Customer Service at 979-764-3535.

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