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Franchise Agreements

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As of Sept. 1, 1999, telecommunications franchises (e.g. Frontier, Wirestar, Campus Communications Group, etc.) are issued by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUC), not by the city. As of Sept. 1, 2005, cable TV/video service franchises (e.g. Suddenlink Communications) are granted by the PUC, not by the city.


Natural Gas franchises allow for the transport and supply of natural gas to College Station citizens.


Medical Waste franchises allow for the collection and disposal services for treated and untreated medical waste generated in College Station.


Debris hauling franchises allow companies engaged in the business of collecting demolition and construction debris to use public streets, alley, and public ways.


Oil & Gas Pipeline franchises allow for the gathering, collection, receiving, transportation for collection and storage of oil, gas, and other fluids used or produced in connection with oil and gas operations.


Entities, including franchisees, wishing to use City rights of ways must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Rights of Way Ordinance.

Section 118 of the College Station City Charter states:
The ownership, right of control and use of streets, highways, alleys, parks, public places and all other real property of the City of College Station is hereby declared to be inalienable to the city, except by ordinances passed by vote of the majority of the governing body of the city, as hereinafter provided; and no franchise or easement involving the right to use same, either along, across, over or under the same, shall ever be valid, unless expressly granted and exercised in compliance with the terms hereof, and of the ordinances granting the same. No act or omission of the city, its governing body, officers or agents shall be construed to confer or extend by estoppel or indirection, any right, franchise or easement not expressly granted by ordinance.

The City of College Station shall have the power, subject to the terms and provisions hereof, by ordinance to confer upon any person or corporation, the franchise or right to use the property of the city, as defined in the preceding paragraph, for the purpose of furnishing to the public any general public service, including heat, water, light, power, telephone service, refrigeration, steam, manufacture and distribution of ice, and the carriage of passengers or freight, within the city and its suburbs, over the streets, highways, and property of the city, or for any other purposes whereby a general service is to be furnished to the public for compensation or hire, to be paid to the franchise holder, whereby a right to use the streets, highways or other property of the city is necessary or proper; and generally to fix and regulate the rates, tolls and charges of all public utilities of every kind operating within the corporate limits of the City of College Station.

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