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Animal Control

The College Station Animal Control Unit helps to ensure that our community enjoys a high quality of life by enforcing laws that protect citizens from dangerous animals and domestic animals from abuse and neglect. We investigate a wide range of complaints, including barking dogs, animal bites, and animal abuse complaints. Animals may be impounded and quarantined when appropriate to address safety and health concerns. Animal Control Officers may issue citations for violations of City Ordinance or state law. By working to help the public have a thorough understanding of and compliance with these laws, we promote the safety and well-being of animals and improve relations between animal owners and the general public.

    Brazos County Tag / Pet License (required by law)

    All dogs, cats and ferrets must be license tagged in Brazos County and rabies vaccinated. This is required by law. Animal Control officers can give citations for no tag. 

    A county tag provides a 24-hour hotline for lost and found pets, trauma support for up to $500, ride to vet for found/injured pets, annual reminders to renew Rabies vaccine, reduced impoundment fee and helps fund our local shelter. 

    Brazos County License tags are $15 and can be purchased through your local vet or through the Aggieland Humane Society: (979) 775-5755.

    Nuisance Animal Complaints

    According to College Station City Ordinance, an animal shall be considered a nuisance if it damages, soils, defiles or defecates on private property other than the owner's or on public areas, unless such waste is immediately removed and disposed of; causes unsanitary,dangerous or offensive conditions; creates a disturbance by excessive barking or other animal noise which would offend a person of ordinary sensibilities under the same or similar circumstances; or chases, molests, attacks or interferes with persons or other domestic animals on public property or the private property of others.

    Animal Control Officers are responsible for responding to emergencies, nuisances and threats concerning animals and fowl within the city limits. You can contact them at (979) 764-3600.

    Other circumstances for which animal control should be contacted:

    • All dog and cat bites.
    • "High risk" animal bites by those animals which have a high probability of transmitting rabies; they include skunks, bats, foxes and raccoons.
    • "Other" animal bites (other than a dog or cat) that are not classified as "high risk"
    • Suspected animal abuse.

    * The Animal Control Unit is not a pest control service. Please call a professional service company for mice or insects. 

    Bat Information

    College Station Animal Control will respond to a bat found in a home living space at any time of day or night or in businesses during their operating hours. Animal control will not respond to bats in attics or behind signs of a business.

    Captured bats are sent for rabies testing if possible rabies exposure is reported or if there is possibility of exposure to an at-risk individual who may not be able to report it (such as a previously unattended child or a mentally disabled person). If neither situation applies, the bats are released.

    If you see a bat, do not touch it. If it is on the ground, cover it with a box or bucket and mark the container to alert others not to move it and contact Animal Control.

Impounded Animals or Brazos County Pet Tags:

Aggieland Humane Society
(979) 775-5755

Contact Information

Animal ControlFor Emergencies: Dial 911(979) 764-3600
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