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Planning & Development Services P.O. Box 9960 | 1101 Texas Ave.College Station, TX 77842979.764.3570

To effectively plan for projected growth, it is important to know the existing conditions of a city’s population through demographic analysis. Planning & Development Services staff collect and analyze data related to population growth and composition from several different data sources to offer a complete picture of College Station.


Planning & Development Services staff calculate a monthly population estimate
based on a symptomatic approach. The symptomatic approach uses data that bears a close relationship to population change to estimate population growth. In College Station, the monthly quantities of new Certificates of Occupancy and demolitions are multiplied by the occupancy rate of each housing type to calculate the amount of population growth. You can review the most recent estimated population chart below.

Yearly Population Estimates (2000-Present) [PDF]


Planning & Development Services staff also organize a dashboard of the best available demographic information from the U.S. Census Bureau. Every year, the U.S. Census Bureau operates the American Community Survey which gathers demographic data from a sample of every community across the country. The dashboard below uses data from the American Community Survey 5-year estimates, which helps reduce some of the fluctuations in the survey data from year-to-year.

Note: the total population number shown on the dashboard is lower than the City’s monthly population estimate. This is because of the methodology of using the 5-year estimates and clipping the census tracts to the College Station city limits. This assumes an even distribution of population in a census tract when that is not necessarily the case. This methodology provides a best available estimate using the American Community Survey data. Planning & Development Services staff recommend using the monthly population estimate above for the most accurate and timely citywide population estimate.

Demographics Dashboard


When beginning a planning effort, City staff start by understanding the planning area through the drafting of an existing conditions report. These reports help staff craft their recommendations for plan actions and supplement the planning effort with facts that can be used for data-informed decision making.

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s strategic guide, expressing the values and aspirations of our community. Prior to the 2021 Comprehensive Plan update, the 2018 Existing Conditions Report was prepared, summarizing data from the 2010 Census and 2016 American Community Survey data.

Additionally, the City has completed two small area planning efforts, which had associated existing conditions reports

Northeast Gateway Redevelopment Plan
Wellborn District Plan


U.S. Census Bureau
Texas Demographic Center

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