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Traffic Impact Analysis

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As development occurs more demands are placed on the existing transportation system. A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is a study to determine the impact of this additional traffic on the transportation system. A TIA is intended to form the basis for design of any proposed access or addition to the transportation network to ensure coordination of the proposed development and resulting transportation impacts. Results of a TIA can show that no negative traffic impacts are expected or recommend how to mitigate any negative effects. Mitigation can include reduction in proposed densities, modifications to the street network or improvements to streets or intersections.

Current Ordinance

The City currently has a traffic impact analysis ordinance which was adopted in 2008. The current ordinance requires a traffic impact analysis for developments generating more than 150 trips in any peak hour with a few exceptions. These exceptions include zoning requests for R-Rural, E-Estate, RS-Restricted Suburban, GS-General Suburban, D-Duplex, and T-Townhouse, as well as, site plan applications for developments within the Northgate zoning districts: NG-1, NG-2 and NG-3. Below is a link to the current ordinance.

Current Traffic Impact Analysis Ordinance

Proposed Amendments

As part of the recent Five-Year Comprehensive Plan Evaluation & Appraisal Report, staff was directed to look at removing the exemption for single-family zoning districts: R-Rural, E-Estate, RS-Restricted Suburban, GS-General Suburban, D-Duplex, and T-Townhouse from the current Traffic Impact Analysis Ordinance.

Public Input

Two public meetings were held to engage to community on this effort and solicit feedback. The meetings were held on Tuesday, March 8th and Tuesday, March 29th. Below are links to the presentation provided at these meetings.

Traffic Impact Analysis for Single-Family (Power Point)
Traffic Impact Analysis for Single-Family (Video)

Next Steps

The proposed ordinance amendments are scheduled to be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission on August 4, 2016 for a public hearing and recommendation to City Council. Finally, the item will be presented to City Council for a public hearing and final consideration on August 11, 2016.

Below is a link to the redlined ordinance.

Redlined Traffic Impact Analysis Ordinance

Please contact Jason Schubert, Transportation Planning Coordinator at [email protected]or by phone at 979.764.3570 if you have any questions.

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