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Transportation Planning

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The Transportation Planning Division is responsible for leading the long range and short range planning efforts related to multi-modal transportation and providing support as different aspects of the transportation system are implemented through land acquisition and the development review process.

In 2009 the City of College Station updated and City Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan that included the City's Thoroughfare Plan.

The citizens of College Station rely on a transportation system that provides mobility in the face of ever-increasing population and traffic. Transportation facilities need to accommodate automobiles, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians in order to further the City's efforts to promote positive community character and identity. With this in mind, the City must plan for adequate right-of-ways in the future to avoid compromising future transportation options.

The Thoroughfare Plan provides a long term vision of the major street network necessary to meet future travel needs. The Thoroughfare Plan locates and classifies major streets by access to adjacent land use, mobility for through traffic, and context. The Thoroughfare Plan guides future investments and provides the public and the development community with information about the long term plan for the road network.

Implementation of a Thoroughfare Plan is accomplished through several avenues listed below:

  1. Highway construction projects (TxDOT on system roadways) are funded through federal urban mobility funds or state highway dollars.
  2. Four lane boulevards and four lane avenue roadway capital improvement projects are funded through public revenue such as general obligation bonds or certificates of obligation. These projects are intended to serve a regional purpose; to alleviate gaps in service, connect significant traffic generators and or widen existing substandard thoroughfares.
  3. Four lane boulevards and four lane avenue roadway projects can be funded through private and public partnerships. If a Thoroughfare is located within a proposed development the developer is required by ordinance to build the po.
  4. Finally, with regards to two-lane avenues and streets, the City depends on developers and required through ordinance to build this portion of the City's thoroughfare network. It is to the developers' benefit to provide access to their subdivided property through this thoroughfare network.

Transportation PlanningThe City's local residential roadway network is not part of the Thoroughfare Plan. However these local roadways play a significant role in providing access to residential lots and providing connectivity through subdivisions. The City is also dependent on developer's building this local network, but ultimately when these roadways are dedicated to the City, the City must maintain these local roadways.

These roadways, as spelled out in the Thoroughfare Plan, will accommodate multi-modal options such as sidewalks for pedestrians, and bike lanes for bicyclists, and built to reflect the context of the surrounding land uses as depicted in the photographs.

Regional partners are also involved in the coordination and implementation of the City of College Station Thoroughfare Plan multi-modal initiatives.

Below is a list of links to the City's regional partners:

Texas Department of Transportation:
Bryan College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization:
Brazos Transit District:
Texas A&M University Transit:
Brazos County:

For transportation planning questions please contact Jason Schubert, Transportation Planning Corrdinator at [email protected] or at 979.764.3570

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