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Small Area Plans

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The City of College Station has several Small Area Plans that have been adopted over the years. These Small Area Plans fall under three main categories – District Plans, Redevelopment Plans, and Corridor Plans. More information regarding these can be found below.
    What is a Small Area Plan?
    Small Area Plans are focused planning efforts that provide a more granular level of study and specific actions for a smaller, defined geographic area to help implement the Comprehensive Plan’s overarching goals. Small Area Plans allow for a closer look into the existing conditions, trends, and development pressures within a specific area of the City.

    What is the Comprehensive Plan?
    The Comprehensive Plan is the broadest public policy document that our community creates. It establishes a long-range vision for College Station’s growth and development, housing, mobility, parks, the environment, economic development, city-provided infrastructure and services, and other related topics. It is under the Comprehensive Plan that these Small Area Plans are identified and, when necessary, created.


These plans are areas of significance or of great potential within the community. These plans provide a special focus on district areas to ensure that they are complete, in that, they may provide a node or nodes of activity, a mix of opportunities for living, working, and/or recreating/entertaining depending on the character of the district area.

These plans are areas that have been identified for focused redevelopment activities. These areas have an anticipated change in use – and, if appropriate, character – which requires some form of direct intervention by the City. The boundaries of the planning area may overlap established districts, corridors, or neighborhoods and require careful attention and cohesive planning efforts to provide appropriate transitions between these areas.

These plans serve areas that are designated as function and focal points in the City and its unique districts, neighborhoods, redevelopment, and natural areas. These corridors act as prominent routes for residents and visitors, they establish a positive impression and identity that reinforces the community’s character, and serve as a link between districts. While many of the corridors may be transportation and mobility related, others may include natural corridors, such as rivers and greenways.

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