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Planning & Development Services P.O. Box 9960 | 1101 Texas Ave.College Station, TX 77842979.764.3570

Inspection RequestsSchedule inspections online through the eTRAKiT online system, or call Planning & Development Services at 979.764.3570

Residential (Single-Family & Duplex)
Inspections provide a means for the building division to ensure that minimum standards are met and appropriate materials are used in the construction process. Once a permit has been issued, the contractor and/or subcontractor will need to schedule each inspection and receive approval for the inspection before proceeding to the next phase of construction. For new construction, a minimum of 12 inspections are usually required and must be completed in the following order:

  1. Plumbing rough-in

  2. Building foundation

  3. Electrical rough-in*

  4. Plumbing top out*

  5. Mechanical rough-in*

  6. Framing

  7. Insulation 

  8. Electrical New Service 

  9. Plumbing final*

  10. Electrical final*

  11. Mechanical final*

  12. Building final

* Note: Inspections marked with an asterisk can be completed in any order provided the electrical rough-in, plumbing top out, and mechanical rough-in inspections are completed before the framing inspection and the plumbing final, electrical final, and mechanical final inspections are completed before the building final inspection.

Commercial / Multi-Family
Below is a list of inspections required for work installed under an approved commercial building permit. This list is a general guide and order of inspections, some projects may not require all listed below, however, some projects may require additional inspections not listed. The contractor shall contact our office if they are not sure if an inspection is required before the installation is covered up. Schedule inspections online through the eTRAKiT online system, or call the Building Division at 979.764.3570

  1. Pier & Pier Steel - Inspections required prior to concrete pour.

  2. Plumbing Rough-In (Pressure Test) All plumbing underneath building foundation slab.

  3. Under Slab Med Gas Rough-In (Pressure Test, 150 psi)

  4. Under Slab Electrical Rough-In

  5. Slab/Building Foundation - Inspection of foundation beams, steel, moisture barrier (Termite Treatment required for wood framed structures).

  6. Retaining Walls: (Under a separate Retaining Wall Permit) - Foundation Footing/Footing Steel & Wall Insulation Inspections required before any backfill material.

  7. CMU (Concrete) Block Wall Re-enforced Steel Inspection - Required at each steel connection or joint; steel connections shall be visible and installed per approved plans at time of inspection prior to installing additional blocks. Bond Beam steel requires an inspection prior to concrete pout or any re-enforced steel/rebar cover-up.

  8. Roof Drain & Storm Water Plumbing (Visual and Pressure Test) When pipes are within or under building and below grade.

  9. Partial Framing (Wall Cover-Up) - Example: Firewall Framing Prior to Additional Framing.

  10. Electrical Rough-In

  11. Gas Line Test

  12. Grease Trap/Interceptor & Sample Well (When required per city stamped plumbing plans to meet local ordinance).

  13. Plumbing Top-Out

  14. Framing Partial (Ceiling Cover-Up) - Example: Framing for Gypsum Board Plenum Prior to Setting Mechanical Unit in Apartment Bathrooms.

  15. Framing Partial (Wall Cover-Up) - If Needed, Example: Metal Stud Framing at Commercial Kitchen Hood Locations, or partial framing for a Mechanical Room or Electrical Room.

  16. Mechanical Rough-In

  17. Shear Wall Bracing & Designed Sheathing Nail Pattern Inspection

  18. Building Framing Inspection

  19. Insulation Inspection

  20. Exterior Wall Moisture Barrier Building Wrap

  21. Engineered Gypsum Board/Sheetrock Fastener Nailing Pattern (When engineered as part of the building design).

  22. Vent Hood Inspections (Under a separate Vent Hood Permit) - When required for Commercial Kitchen Hood Systems, includes: Vent Hood Duct Weld, Vent Hood Duct Wrap First Layer & Second Layer, and Vent Hood Final.

  23. Walk-In Cooler Inspection (Under a separate Walk-In Cooler Permit) - When provided on city approved plans.

  24. Shower Pan Test - Required Prior to Tile Installation (Only for Tile Shower Pans, Not for Pre-Fabricated Pans)

  25. Electrical Ditch Cover-Up

  26. Plumbing Ditch Cover-Up (Yard Lines, Water Supply and Sanitary Sewer) - Visual Inspection Prior to Pipe Cover and Pressure Test Required.

  27. Electrical New Service Inspection - Exterior Electrical Disconnect, Tap Can, Service Gutter, and Meter Cans.

  28. Electrical Pool (Under a separate Electrical Pool Permit) - Required for any proposed pool with a Pool Permit.

  29. Med Gas Final (Pressure Test, 150 psi)

  30. Irrigation System Inspection

  31. Plumbing Final

  32. Electrical Final

  33. Mechanical Final

  34. Pool Final (Under a separate Pool Permit) - Pool Final required before Building Final. Examples, Projects involving a pool: Hotels, Clubhouse at Apartment Complex, etc.

  35. Building Final


After the Building Final Inspection Allow for five (5) Business Days for our Certificate of Occupancy InspectionsSee our C.O. Brochure for General Departmental Requirements/Checklists and Department Contact Information.

Once the structure is complete and final approval has been given by all appropriate City departments, a
 Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will be issued and the structure can be occupied. Please contact Brian Binford, Building Official at [email protected] or 979.764.3570 for more detailed instructions on the inspection process.




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