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Electric Services

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If you have an electric, water or wastewater outage or issue, have your CSU account number ready and call 855.528.4278.
    Locate Underground Lines - Call Before You Dig!
    If you plan to do any digging around your property, always call Texas 811 (8-1-1) to have underground utilities located BEFORE you dig.

    For more information, click here!
    Construction, Electric Service and Meter Installation Guidelines
    Please click here to view guidelines regarding construction specifications, electric service and meter installation.
    Security Lighting Assessment and Estimates
    Is it a little too dark around your house? College Station Utilities will meet with you to discuss various lighting options and services, and provide you with an estimated cost. Contact Yida Ruan at 979.764.3504 or email [email protected].

    Security lighting is only available on existing poles with a 120V source. Generally, lighting is installed on the customer's premises for a period of not less than three years. The customer agrees to give College Station Utilities access to the lights for maintenance and to notify College Station Utilities when the lights are not functioning. The customer pays a monthly fee for the security lights.

    Click here to view/download the security lighting agreement.
    Flickering Lights/Voltage Problems
    If you experience flickering lights or voltage problems, please call 24-hour Utility Dispatch at 855.528.4278.
    Report Trees In Power Line Easements
    Tree trimming around power lines is DANGEROUS!

    If you see tree limbs growing into overhead electric lines, please call Utility Dispatch at 855.528.4278 and we'll send trained crews to check out the problem.
    Deregulation Information
    Electric Deregulation Background
    Texas Senate Bill 7, passed in 1999, authorizes competition in the electric industry as of January 1, 2002, beginning with investor-owned electric utilities. This competition will allow customers to choose the company from which they purchase the actual electricity. The electricity will continue to be delivered through the same wires by the same company that currently supplies electricity to customers.

    CSU Chose Not To Deregulate
    Cities with publicly owned municipal electric utilities are allowed to evaluate their position and make a decision to opt-in or delay entering the competitive market. College Station Utilities is a locally-owned municipal utility and decided not to opt in to the program at this time.

    Deregulation has not always produced lower rates for utility consumers. California has seen rates rise dramatically for those utilities involved with deregulation in that state. Los Angeles has a city owned electric utility and has maintained some of the lowest rates in California while protecting the electric supply to its customers. College Station Utilities must see proof that restructuring will work for customers in College Station before going to the considerable expense and trouble of changing a system that provides reliable electricity at affordable prices.

    The College Station City Council carefully reviewed the city's options regarding the decision. After  examining all relevant factors, the council concluded that it would be premature to immediately opt-in to competition.

    Factors considered in this decision are:

  • Deregulation experiences in other states suggest that a level of caution be taken.

  • The competitive retail market in Texas, despite all assurances of success, is still a new market for electric competition. It is prudent to wait for further development of this market.

  • The opt-in decision is irrevocable. Once a decision to opt-in to competition is made, municipal electric utilities must stay in the competitive market.

  • The city currently offers reliable, competitively priced power and services to customers of the electric utility. Future competitiveness is assured by an existing power supply contract for wholesale electricity.

    CSU continues to provide reliable electric service and boasts a 99.9% reliability rate…one of the best in the State!
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