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Upon request a sworn officer can conduct a home or business survey of your property. Meeting the security standards listed below will qualify a home owner for a mandatory 5% reduction in their homeowner's insurance rate as mandated y the State of Texas, regardless of what insurance company they use. This service is provided by the police department at no charge to you. To qualify for this insurance reduction you must me the following criteria:

  • Exterior doors must be solid core doors, 1/38" thick, and must be secured by a dead-bolt lock that has a minimum 1" throw.
  • Metal doors must be secured by a dead-bolt lock that has a minimum 1" throw.
  • Double doors must have the inactive door secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate a metal strike plate.
  • Sliding glass doors must be secured by secondary locking devices to prevent lifting and prying.
  • Dutch doors must have concealed flush-bolt locking devices to interlock upper and lower halves and must be secured by a dead-bolt lock with a 1" throw.
  • Garage doors must be equipped with a key-operated locking device.
  • Windows must be secured by auxiliary locking devices (screws, wooden dowels, pinning devices, track locks or key-operated locks.)

Alarm Systems are not required but can get you an additional 15% reduction in you insurance rates. To qualify:

  • All exterior openings in the residence must have contacts. This does not include the garage door although it does require that the door between the garage and the residence is solid core or metal with a deadbolt lock [see 1 & 2 above] and it must have a contact.
  • The system must be monitored.
  • The system must be equipped with an internal and external siren.

Other home security suggestions (these are not required for the insurance reduction)

  • Windows should be clear of exterior shrubbery.
  • Exterior doors should be equipped with a viewer (peephole) which allows a 180-degree viewing area.
  • The strike plates at the door locks should be mounted with 3" screws.
  • Mark your property by engraving your drivers license number on it. (Ex: TX01234567DL). If we find property with this type of identification we know that it is a Texas Drivers license and can run the number to find the owner's address and make contact with them to determine if the property is stolen. (Use your state abbreviation then the number/letter combination and then DL. This prevents numbers/letters being added.) The Police Department has engravers that can be loaned to you so that you can mark your property.
  • Keep a written log of your property. Include everything that can be easily carried away. (Ex: 1 27" Sony television Serial #ABC00000000 Model #XQV2000 with remote in an oak colored woodgrain cabinet. TX01234567DL engraved on bottom right side)
  • Videotape and/or photograph your home, property and furnishings. Especially those items that you can not engrave such as jewelry, china, crystal, etc. (Place a ruler next to the object to show its size in the photograph.)

For more information or to schedule a survey call:
(979) 764-3573
Officer Karla Wiesepape

Last updated: 4/6/2009 2:53:58 PM