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City of College Station's debt consists of General Obligation and Certificate of Obligation Bonds, to provide funds for the acquisition and construction of major capital facilities. These types of bonds have been issued by the city for both governmental activities as well as business-type activities. These bonds are reported in the proprietary funds if they are expected to be repaid from proprietary fund revenue.

General Obligation Bonds (GO’s) must be authorized by a vote of the citizens of the City of College Station. GO’s are direct obligations, for which the city has pledged the full faith and credit of the city. These bonds generally are issued as 20-year serial bonds with varying amounts of principal maturing each year.

Certificates of Obligation (CO’s) will be used in order to fund capital requirements that are not otherwise covered under either Revenue or General Obligation Bonds. Debt service for CO’s may be either from general revenues, backed by a specific revenue stream, streams or by a combination of both. Generally CO’s will be used to fund capital assets when GO’s and RB’s are not appropriate and when authorized under law.

Revenue Bonds (RB’s) will be issued to provide for capital needs of the city’s utilities: electric, water, and wastewater funds and are secured by the net revenues of those funds. The city pledges income derived from the acquired or constructed assets to pay the debt service. As of Sept. 30, 2018 the city had no outstanding RB’s.

As of Sept. 30, 2018, the total amount of Obligated Debt for College Station was as follows: 

2018 Total Population: 119,692  

City of College Station Fiscal Year 2018 Per Capita
General Obligation Bonds $145,165,000 $1,213
Certificates of Obligation $177,330,000 $1,482
Total Outstanding Debt $322,495,000 $2,694
Tax Backed $175,420,000 $1,466
Revenue Backed $147,075,000 $1,229
$322,495,000 $2,694


Date of Authorization Purpose Amount Authorized
1/24/1984 Fire Substation Building $700,000
1/24/1984 Street Improvements $6,325,000
11/4/2003 Street Improvements $17,980,000
11/4/2003 Traffic Management $3,000,000
11/4/2003 Park Improvements $8,105,000
11/4/2003 Municipal Complex Improvements $7,610,000
11/4/2003 Fire Station Improvements $1,710,000
11/4/2008 Street Improvements $45,785,000
11/4/2008 Traffic Management $3,000,000
11/4/2008 Library Improvements $8,385,000
11/4/2008 Fire Substation Building $6,990,000
11/4/2008 Park Improvements $12,790,000

(download Excel data)

(download Excel data)

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