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Mobile Device Driving Ordinance

The College Station City Council adopted an ordinance in August banning the use of hand-held communication devices while driving a motor vehicle or bicycle in the city limits. It went into effect on November 9, 2016.  

What does the ordinance ban?
The ordinance bans the use of all handheld wireless communication devices while driving in the College Station city limits and applies to any person operating a motor vehicle or bicycle. Authorized emergency personnel acting in an official capacity and licensed amateur radio operators are exempt.

Can I use my phone while driving if I have a hands-free device?
Yes, the ordinance allows the use of Bluetooth or connected devices. 

What if I need to make or take a call or text message?
Find a safe place to pull over or use a hands-free device.

Can I use my GPS while driving?
The ordinance does not apply to a GPS unit that is separate from a cell phone. Drivers may use their cell phone for GPS purposes if it's mounted in the vehicle.

Can I use my phone if I’m stopped at a traffic light or stop sign?
Yes, if your car is lawfully and completely stopped, you may use a hand-held cell phone. 

What If I have an emergency?
The ordinance allows drivers to use their hand-held device to report a crime, traffic accident, medical emergency, serious traffic hazard or to prevent a crime.

If I am issued a citation, will it appear on my driving record?
An offense is not considered a moving violation and will not become part of your driving record.

What is the fine for violating the ordinance?
The fine amount will not be less than $25 or more than $200, plus court costs.

Will police seize or inspect my cell phone in the course of investigating violations of the ordinance?

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City of College Station is partnering with Safe2Save, a free smart phone app that rewards you for not picking up your phone while you drive. Minutes of safe driving turn into points, and points can be redeemed for free or discounted items at several popular local eateries and retailers.

App creator and College Station resident Marci Corry describes the app, which launched in early October, as extremely simple to use, no matter your age.

“Once you download Safe2Save, just open it before you get in your vehicle,” Corry said. “If you get a text while driving and you’re tempted to reply, a message appears that says ‘It Can Wait. Don’t text and drive!’ A photo of your family can be uploaded onto the home screen of the app, which is a powerful reminder. We already know it’s even resonating with high school and college students, and hundreds have already told us how this helped them break the habit of texting and driving.”

Corry has a patent pending and hopes Safe2Save will eventually attract national sponsors that allow its use to change habits in other markets around Texas and across the U.S.

Learn more at or download it directly from iTunes. The app is expected to be available for Android users by the end of December.


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