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The City of College Station continues to experience exponential growth, especially to the south and west. As a result, Wellborn Road has become an increasingly critical highway to serve the area’s booming population.

One connectivity challenge to the west is crossing the Union Pacific railroad, which parallels Wellborn Road for the entire length of the roadway. Due to operational efficiency and safety, there are limited crossings providing access to Wellborn Road from the west. The crossings that do exist, however, tend to be undersized and don’t require Wellborn Road traffic to stop. The city is starting to improve these crossings to increase traffic capacity and connectivity, improve safety of the railroad crossings, and the safety of the intersections with Wellborn Road.

One of these railroad crossings is South Dowling Road in the Wellborn Community. South Dowling is a two-lane roadway that crosses the railroad and intersects then Wellborn Road. The roadway continues on the east side of Wellborn Road as Madison Street.

The city started studying this intersection in 2016 trying to find a solution that increases safety and east-west mobility across Wellborn Road and the railroad. A public meeting was held on Feb. 3, 2016 to discuss some options for South Dowling. The first option being to relocate the crossing to the north along with a relocation of Greens Prairie Road to create a new intersection at Wellborn Road and a thoroughfare that would go from I&GN to Victoria. The second option was to improve the South Dowling crossing at its current location; however, that required the closing of driveways, relocation of parking, and possible impacts to adjacent buildings. At the time the city was recommending the first option.

Since that meeting, several tracks of land have started to develop coupled with the building of three schools just south of the Wellborn area has changed how the city is approaching transportation planning in the area.

Another public meeting was held on Sept. 12, 2017 to discuss a new option to help improve safety and mobility in the Wellborn area, taking into consideration the recent developments.

Due to the development of three schools close to the intersection of Greens Prairie Trail, the city has been working to improve the roadways around them. As part of these improvements the city worked with a local developer to purchase ROW to realign Royder Road to tie directly into Wellborn Road. This will improve the mobility of traffic to and from the schools. The city now believes that the point where Royder will tie into Wellborn Road is the best place to relocate the South Dowling crossing to get a good east-west connection. Due to the development of the property at the intersection of Greens Prairie Road and Creek Meadows Blvd, the option presented at the February 2016 meeting has essentially blocked off the realignment of Greens Prairie Road to the existing South Dowling/Madison intersection with Wellborn Road.

---> SEPT. 12, 2017 - ALIGNMENT OPTION

---> SEPT. 12, 2017 - PRESENTATION

Add the new crossing at the Royder location and closing of the South Dowling crossing to the thoroughfare plan. There is currently no budget for this project

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