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The College Station Police Department offers several different internship opportunities during Summer, Fall and Spring semesters for students from Texas A&M, Blinn, Sam Houston State and Prairie View A&M. Internship positions are restricted to those students seeking academic credit for the semester. Prospective internship candidates must receive academic approval and credit to be considered for placement with the College Station Police Department Internship Program. Persons seeking internship without academic credit will not be considered.

Internship opportunities are offered in these areas:

    » Criminal Investigations Division (Position Description) - 4 positions 
       (2 for Mon/Wed/Fri; 2 for Tues/Thur)

    » Recruiting and Training Division (Position Description) - 1 position

    » Crime Analysis (Position Description) - 1 position

    » Victim Advocacy (Position Description) - 1 position
                 Semester Dates ____Application/Deadline
Spring 2018          Jan 16-May 1, 2018                 Expired

Approval for internship through school for internship in exchange for academic credit (persons seeking internship but not seeking academic credit will not be placed in internship program)

Intern applicants must meet specific requirements


1.  Conviction of an offense above the grade of Class B or a Class B within the last 10 years.

2.  Placement on court-ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of class B misdemeanor or on court-ordered community supervision or probation for a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years from the date of the court order.

3.  Conviction of any offense involving Family Violence as defined by the Texas Penal Code.

4.  Discharged from the military under less than honorable conditions, or resigned to avoid such.

Alcohol and Drug Use Criteria:
Circumstances surrounding the usage of alcohol, controlled substances, illegal use of prescription medication, or marijuana will be evaluated by the department on a case by case basis. Factors to be considered when determining eligibility include the type of substance used, frequency of use, if the use was experimental and how recent was the usage. Experimental use is considered usage to determine the effects of a drug.

1.  Applicants who have used illegal drugs beyond an experimental level are not acceptable.

2.  Applicants who have used any felony grade controlled substance within the last five years are not acceptable unless the drug was prescribed by a licensed physician.

3.  Abuse of any prescription medication within the last three years is not acceptable.

4. Candidates having used or consumed marijuana within the last three years are not acceptable.

5.  Involvement in the illegal delivery or furnishing of any controlled substance or drug to another with the expectation that a personal benefit would be received as a result of the actions. This will result in permanent disqualification.

Apply for internships through the City of College Station
Human Resources Department
Apply Here)

Each prospective intern candidate will complete an application and hiring process prior to beginning the internship. Each step must be completed before moving forward in the process.  This will include the following steps: 

• Submitted applications will be reviewed and candidates will be notified if they will move forward for the initial oral interview

• Initial Oral Interview

• Fingerprint submission

Personal History Statement (PHS) submission

• Background investigation conducted by Police Department personnel

• Final Oral Interview

• Drug screening

• Submit (3) original academic contracts to Human Resources

The City of College Station is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Veteran Friendly Employer

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