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Application & Selection Process

Applications are accepted online only at Position postings are only posted when we are nearing a testing phase and actively accepting applications.

Written Examination
Following submission of an employment application, qualified applicants must participate in a written examination. Qualified applicants will be notified of the exact date, time and location of the examination. All candidates must take a written examination that covers, but is not limited to, general knowledge, reading, comprehension, arithmetic, mechanical aptitude, and customer skills. A minimum of 70% correct must be scored to be considered eligible to continue the application process.

Our written examination will include the Comprehensive Examination Battery (CEB) test offered through FPSI. Applicants may order the "CEB Candidate Orientation Guide" through the FPSI Website. For $10, applicants can use a credit card to pay for an instant download .PDF copy of the guide with several practice test questions. Once applicants pay for the download, they will click on a link to open the document and then right click to print it out. The CEB Candidate Orientation Guide cannot be downloaded from a smartphone, Apple product or Mac computer. It is best to download the CEB Candidate Orientation Guide from a PC using the Google Chrome browser when possible.

Physical Agility Text

This is designed to examine an applicant’s strength, stamina, and overall physical ability to perform the duties of a firefighter. There are eight tasks that must be performed within a specific time limit. An additional un-timed task tests the applicant’s ability to work at heights. Applicants must obtain a passing score on the written examination in order to be eligible to participate in the physical agility test. 

All events are performed with the applicant wearing a fire helmet and self-contained breathing apparatus provided by the College Station Fire Department. The applicant must bring a pair of leather work gloves and dress in appropriate work clothes. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are strictly forbidden. The applicant can also bring a pair of knee pads.

The physical agility test is not a competition. The exercises are designed to be similar to the skills conducted by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. There will be a maximum time limit, but applicants are not competing against each other. All events will be performed consecutively. The physical agility test is scored on a "pass/fail" basis and all events must be successfully completed within the prescribed time.

The following list is a general description of the events that applicants will be required to successfully perform during the physical ability test.
  • Climb and descend a 75 foot tall aerial ladder set at 70 degrees.
  • Carry a "high rise" hose pack up the outside stairs and down the outside stairs of the five story drill tower.
  • Pick up a ladder from a rack and carry it 50 feet to a second rack without allowing the ladder to touch the ground. Set the ladder on the rack without dropping it.
  • Maneuver though a 20 foot long tube.
  • Walk the length of a 20 foot long ladder contacting the beams only.
  • Demonstrating proper technique extend a multiple section ladder mock up fully and return it to the lowered position without dropping it.
  • Use pike pole simulator 25 times. Arms will be fully extended. Do not let the weight bump the pad.
  • Demonstrating proper technique raise and lower a ladder without dropping it.
  • Drag or carry a rescue dummy (125-160 pound) 75 feet to the finish line.

Personal History Statement

All qualified applicants are required to complete a comprehensive Fire Department personal history statement packet that will be used as a resource for a thorough background check.

Administered by a third party.

Oral Review Board
Applicants that successfully complete the above requirements will participate in an oral review board. Board members are chosen from the Fire and Human Resources Departments.

Final Interview
The final step will be an interview with the Assistant Chief/Operations. Candidates are chosen from the pool of applicants who have passed all stages of the hiring process.

Pre-Employment & Post-Offer Test
An offer of employment with the College Station Fire Department is made contingent upon the passing of a pre-employment drug test, driving check and criminal check. Completion of a post-offer medical/physical examination by a licensed physician will then be required.

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