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The following instructions will help you navigate through our Project HOLD archives.

  • Put your cursor on BROWSE and click once if you want to look through the various file folders that hold the documents.
  • Clicking on a folder will open that folder to display the sub-folders.
  • Further clicking on the subfolders will reveal the various documents stored in that particular folder.
  • Clicking on a document will open that document with a TEMPLATE above the document. The template includes basic information about that document: file name, date scanned, donor, etc.
  • Place your cursor on the SCROLL BAR to the right of the window and drag the arrow downward to reveal more of the document. If the document does not open, click once in the white space where the document should be.
  • Click on the MAGNIFYING GLASS icons to zoom in or out on a document.
  • If the document has multiple pages, you can click on one of the UP OR DOWN ARROWS above the template to advance to the next page or go back to a previous page.
  • Holding your cursor over the yellow STICKY NOTES will reveal any added information placed there by the scanners.
  • Clicking on THUMBNAILS will show smaller pictures of the various pages of the document. You can select a specific page to view by clicking on the thumbnail of that page. To return to the thumbnails, click on the UP ARROW. By clicking on the LEFT OR RIGHT ARROWS you can advance to the next set of thumbnails or return to the previous thumbnails. To exit thumbnails, click on the LITTLE RED X just above the thumbnails.
  • You can go to a specific page by placing your cursor in the PAGE box and typing in the page number.
  • To PRINT a document, type the specific pages in the GET PDF PAGE boxes. Then click on the PDF icon to the right of the page number box.
  • To VIEW DOCUMENT TEXT, click on the EYE icon to the right of the PDF icon. Use the arrows to advance to the next page or go back to a previous page.

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Last updated: 7/20/2012 11:38:22 AM