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Any person or persons may file a complaint against any employee(s) of the department.

Complaints originating from a third party will be documented and submitted to the Chief of Police. Upon careful review, the Chief of Police will make the decision as to whether an investigation will follow. In any case, the third party complaint will be documented and any respective action upon that report will be noted.

Walk-in or Telephone Complaints made by persons coming to or telephoning the department to file a complaint shall be referred to the immediate supervisor of the employee against whom the complaint is directed. In the event the immediate supervisor is not available the complaint shall be referred to the next supervisor in the chain of command. In the event a supervisor within the employee's chain of command is not available the complaint shall be referred to any employee of supervisory status, preferably within the same operational component of the employee being complained against.

Mail-in Complaints are complaints sent to the department via the mail and shall be forwarded to the Chief of Police.

Upon the submission of a complaint, the Chief of Police will review the complaint and forward it to the Internal Affairs Supervisor for indexing, classification, and investigative assignment if necessary.

Complainants shall be notified in writing that their complaint has been received and is being investigated. This notification shall contain the complaint control number for reference purposes. A copy of this notification shall become part of the investigation record. Upon completion of the investigation, the Chief may orally or by letter notify the complaint of the general findings and conclusion of the investigation, that “appropriate corrective or disciplinary action" is being taken if the allegation is sustained and that the investigation is officially closed.

Affairs Complaint Summaries are on our Statistics page.

For more information:

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