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Drainage issues have been crotical in the last several years in College Station.  Drainage issues can impact health and public sagety, as well as transportation and mobility issues.  The drainage service provides a drainage maintenance program that keeps the storm carring capacity of the system adequate in College Station.  The Drainage Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of the drainage ways throughout the City.  Mowing of rights of way creek cleaning are the primary ways this service is provided.

Vegetation Control - Drainage maintenance crews use herbicide, tractor/shredder and hand mowing equipment to remove obstructions to keep drainage ways free and clear of overgrown vegetation to minimize flooding on private property. Crews also mow right-of-ways to eliminate sight distance for vehicles and a clean environment for pedestrians. 

Drainage Maintenance 5-2014

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Erosion Repair - Crews utilize rip rap rock for check dams, landscape timbers for headwalls, erosion control matting and heavy equipment for stabilizing the slopes. Heavy equipment is used to repair the banks on ditches that could result in damage to private property due to heavy rainfall. The major maintenance routines consist of building retaining walls, placement of oversized riprap check dams and installing erosion control matting. Once the area is repaired, native grass seed is broadcast over the area to help stabilize the slopes.     

Italian Quarry 5-2014

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Creek Cleaning - Crews use specialized excavating equipment to remove silt and obstructions and to restore stable slopes in open channels within drainage easements and rights-of-way on a semi-annual schedule.  

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Mosquito Control - The plan has two components, with the purpose being to control mosquitos during the highest infestation periods:

  1. When complaints are received from citizens about mosquito infestation the Drainage Division will respond by treating possible mosquito breeding sites in City drainage easements and right-of-way with a chemical treatment in the form of "dunks", Altosid Briquettes.  The purpose of the briquettes is to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in the treated water.
  2. The Brazos County Health Department places traps for mosquitoes and analyzes the catch for West Nile Virus carrying species.  When the virus carrying species are detected, the City of College Station is contacted by the Brazos County Health Department.  The Drainage Division will respond by spraying or "fogging" culvert pipes in those areas in which the mosquitoes are detected.  The chemical used is Prentox, a puronyl oil concentrate.

Fogging 5-2014

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