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Blog: Taxpayers Shouldn’t Absorb Costs for Negligent Behavior
Posted Date: 3/6/2012 10:15 AM

By R.B. Alley, Fire Chief

When unfortunate incidents occur in our community, the College Station Fire Department responds as quickly as possible to help those involved. However, a significant number of these accidents are caused by negligence, irresponsibility or even criminal behavior. These responses can be extremely expensive if they involve hazardous chemicals or the use of expensive equipment.

In the past, our city’s taxpayers have been forced to pick up the entire tab. Most people are not keen on footing the bill for an accident someone else caused. But thanks to the Revenue Rescue Cost Recovery program, part of the financial burden will now be transferred from taxpayers to the at-fault parties. The recovered costs will directly benefit you by helping keep your taxes among the lowest in the state while maintaining a high level of service. The program also will allow needed funds to be shifted to training, public education and fire prevention.

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