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GIS - Geographic Information Services


Joggers and Runners, check out the Wolf Pen Creek 1 Mile, 3K, 4K, and 5K running trails! Designed and created with a large scale approach to show the most detail. Prints on 8.5x14 paper from a PDF format.

Our maps are updated by us, AND YOU! If you find an error or have questions or comments, contact us here.

GIS Mapping Application Guide - Click here to view a guide we've put together on how to better use the features in our new web mapping application. As always, you can still contact us directly with questions and comments.

Our Online Maps and Data




NEW UPDATE! ArcGIS Online City Map - A city map hosted by ArcGIS Online mapping service.  New ability to view scanned plats for a selected neighborhood.

View park, school, and fire station locations. Zoom in to an address to view propery boundaries and click to retrieve Brazos County Appraisal District information and links. Show and hide different map features by using the "Show Contents of Map" icon on the left-side panel. Updated: February 11, 2015





NEW MAP! City of College Station Interactive Map - A new city map hosted by ArcGIS Online mapping service.  The map features address location via the search bar, coordinate location using the crosshair tool, and a distance and area measurement tool.

This map provides general information about the city including the ability to search for subdivisions or parks, view property information, and link to the Brazos Central Appraisal District property information.  Updated: February 18, 2015






1953 Aerial Imagery of the City of College Station - How has College Station changed from 1953 to 2013? This map contains an aerial photo of College Station in 1953 with the City's most recent aerial imagery from 2013. Updated: November 4, 2013.

How to use this map
Click the link above to go to the map.
2. Move the vertical slider bar in the center of the screen to the left and the right to compare the imagery.
3. Discover the differences between College Station in 1953 to today!




Subdivision Finder A simple way to find subdivisions in the City of College Station.  To locate a subdivision, simply click on the map or on the magnifying glass on the top right toolbar, enter a subdivision name in the search box, and select a subdivision from the results list. 




2011 LiDAR data of the City of College Station - LiDAR data of the city is made available for download through our FTP site.  Click the link for '2011' and extract the compressed files for use.  For additional information using the site, please view and read the 'readme.txt' file.  
Disclaimer: This data has not been tested by individual sources for vertical accuracy. 




Development Map - This map shows the most recent plats for a selected neighborhood or area.

Please view this friendly guide How to View Scanned Plats Online to see how to view online plats through the map.

Or, find a scanned plat through our alphabetical listing.





Veterans Park Field Map - A map of Veterans Park including park streets, soccer fields, youth soccer fields, parking, and amenities.  Updated: March 3, 2013.




2011 College Station Aerial Imagery – Now hosted by Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS). Follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the ‘DOQQ Dataset’ subheading to find links to the ‘2011 HPIDS NC/CIR’ imagery.



College Station Streets Map Book- A printable PDF map book covering the City of College Station, including street, park, property, city limit, and county limit information.  File size: 4.7MB.  Updated: November 2014.



Elementary Attendance Zones and School Locations 

Intermediate, Middle, and High School Attendance Zones and School Locations

These interactive maps allows you to locate each of the schools within the College Station ISD and to determine which school your children will attend. It also illustrates bicycle lanes and bicycle parking to determine useful routes to use to get to school. 

Click on a school to find specific information or click on a district to find out which school it belongs to.




Interactive Bike Map - This map is interactive allowing you to get school and bike parking information.  It also illustrates existing bike lanes, bike routes, multi-use paths, grade separated crossing and planned multi-use paths.  This can be accessed on a smart phone at: Mobile Bike Map




Bike Map & Info Guide - A printable PDF map covering the existing bike routes and lanes in College Station as of 2011.  It also shows parks, points of interest, schools, existing and planned multi-use trails, College Station city limits, and the Brazos County limits. 




Brazos County Map Book 2011 - A printable PDF map book covering Brazos County.  It includes indexes for streets, bridges, and city limits.  Updated: October 2011



Garbage Collection Map

Recycling and Brush Collection Map

 Residents can enter an address or intersection near their home to see which days the garbage, recycling, and brush will be collected.



College Station Interactive Mapping - This replaces the General Map. It features address location via the "Search" tool and coordinate location using the crosshair icon found on the left of the map. Many more features are expected shortly.




GIS Data Files - Our data is hosted on and gives users the ability to search for shapefiles either by name or by visiting our Content Group.  Please be sure to take a moment and read our data disclaimer prior to use.



2013 College Station Aerial Imagery Information - This document provides directions on how to gain access to the GIS web server so you can add our aerial imagery and other layers to your personal map projects.  Updated: March 5, 2014




Fan of Google Earth? We have added some KML files (Google format) to our GIS Data Files page. Download them, add them to your own maps, and have fun!



GIS PDF Maps - The GIS Maps section contains pre-generated Maps in Adobe PDF format. The section also contains an indexed printable map book that covers the College Station area.




Annexation Animation - This animation shows the annexation of the City from 1927 through 2011. Watch College Station grow to its current size!




Google Driving Directions - Driving directions courtesy of Google


Links to Other Maps

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What is GIS? - A Geographic Information System, or GIS,combines layers of information about an area to give you a better understanding of that area. What layers of information you combine depends on the purpose. Some examples include, finding the best location for a new store, analyzing environmental damage, viewing similar crimes in a city to detect a pattern, and more.

For additional information or questions, contact the College Station GIS, via online form or phone at (979) 764-3633.

The accuracy of this data is limited to the validity and accuracy of available data, and therefore the City makes no representation or warranties as to the accuracy of the data. Any party using the data does so at their own risk. This data is produced pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act.



Last updated: 2/18/2015 9:17:49 AM