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Employee of the Year    Anthony Armstrong
Positive Attitude Andrew Devaney
Team Player Julie Burden
Dependability Jenifer Paz
Dedication Jason Schubert
Rookie of the Year Alaina Helton
Commitment to Service Deborah Grace-Rosier
Employee of the Year    Amber Johnson
Positive Attitude Bryce Trujillo
Team Player Debbie Stickles
Dependability Ciarra Greer
Dedication Carol Cotter
Employee of the Year   Venessa Garza
Above & Beyond Robin Krause
Dependability  Jason Schubert
Team Player Kevin Ferrer
Positive Attitude     Maggie Guerrero
Dedication     Mark Bombek
Extra Mile    Brian Binford

Employee of the Year   Alan Gibbs
Dependability Amber Johnson
Team Player  Deborah Grace-Rosier
Positive Attitude Crystal Derkowski
Dedication             Bridgette George
Rookie of the Year     Jessica Bullock

Employee of the Year    David Stone
Dependability Kristen Hejny
Team Player  Danielle Singh
Positive Attitude Abraham Daily
Dedication             Ben McCarty
Outstanding Contribution Teresa Rogers

Employee of the Year   Jennifer Prochazka
Dependability Eric Chapman
Team Player  Charles Michalewicz
Positive Attitude Jim Giles
Dedication             Jadrian Vela
Above & Beyond     Chris Carter

Employee of the Year   Lance Simms
Dependability Christina Court
Team Player  Jenifer Paz
Positive Attitude David Brower
Dedication             Debbie Eller

Employee of the Year   Keith Tinker
Dependability Brittany Caldwell
Team Player  John Norton
Positive Attitude Barbara Moore
Dedication             Jason Schubert
Team Spirit     Lauren Hovde

Employee of the Year   Beth Boerboom
Dependability Michael Trevino
Team Player  Doug Ervin
Positive Attitude Oscar Chavarria
Dedication             Lindsay Kramer
Team Spirit     Erika Bridges

Employee of the Year   Jennifer Prochazka
Dependability Deborah Grace-Rosier
Team Player  Venessa Garza
Positive Attitude Lauren Hovde
Dedication             Carol Cotter

Employee of the Year   Jason Schubert
Dependability David Stone
Team Player  Brittany Caldwell
Positive Attitude Robin Hudson
Dedication             Molly Hitchcock

Employee of the Year   Lance Simms
Dependability Kim Wolfe
Team Player  Jennifer Prochazka
Positive Attitude Crissy Hartl
Above & Beyond     Ben McCarty

Employee of the Year   Terry Boriskie
Dependability Josh Norton
Team Player  John Maldonado
Positive Attitude Gina Southerland
Rookie of the Year     Lisa Lindgren

Employee of the Year   Chris Haver
Dependability Deborah Grace
Professionalism Molly Hitchcock
Positive Attitude Mandi Alford
Teamwork   Carol Cotter

Employee of the Year   Bridgette George
Positive Attitude Jennifer Prochazka
Teamwork Lauren Harrell
Dependability Carl Warren

Employee of the Year   Natalie Ruiz
Positive Attitude Ken Fogle
Teamwork Molly Hitchcock
Dependability Terry Boriskie

Employee of the Year   Lance Simms
Positive Attitude Spencer Thompson
Teamwork Jennifer Reeves
Dependability Gayla Messara

Employee of the Year   Deborah Grace
Positive Attitude Susan Hazlett
Teamwork Spencer Thomas
Dependability Joaquin Jaramillo

Employee of the Year   Jane Kee
Positive Attitude Bridgette George
Teamwork Carl Warren
Dependability Nanette Manhart

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